Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

>things start to get shitty right after pillar dies
>pillar of the team
Bravo Trigger

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What a way to go. I aim to die like this

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Trauma Team can save you! Invest in a package now! Don't be David.

Who said anything about torture? The fact that you have to twist that guy's words in order to fabricate some kind of just cause for shitting out babies is very telling.

Such small, subtle details are really fun to notice.

In hindsight, Pilar was a total moron for harassing a drugged out of their mind and mentally hobo decked out in metal. I generally don't what he expected.

Is it ever established why that guy is borged to hell?


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Is trauma team basically just the logical extreme of an insurance company?

He compares it to torture. He argues that giving a child live in this world is selfish because you are condemning to a lifetime of suffering and misery i.e. torture. Don't believe? From the clown's own mouth: : "condemning them to an existence that can only lead to them dying, most likely after living a life with more suffering than pleasure"
He's a midwit who hates his life and believes beauty or meaning in it.

They are the logical extreme to private medical services. They don't pay out insurances.

Genuinely unfair. In this world a hobo might just stab or shoot you if you look at him funny, but getting blown to bits with a concealed rocket launcher arm implant? Ridiculous!

at last an anime where the protag kiss the girl right away

If you look at where the bum is aiming, he would only have shot off his face, which should be fixable in the Cyberpunk world.
It's a common problem in failed suicides.

she's so fun to draw

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she got fat really fast

Who did the least wrong?

Pillar is really Becca’s brother?

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fuck arasaka
smash mikoshi

Probably a veteran turned hobo. There were a couple world wars.

shes meant to be pouting

in this world a hobo might be a veteran of the Mexican wars borged to hell and back and off his meds 5 years ago, don't fuck with anyone in Night City


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So basically Johnny Silverhand.

I would draw her if she wasn't dead. Ruined the show.

David's mama

ending hit me harder than it should... but not in a good way.

is there a stitch of this?

Night City is full of chipped out vets that were left to rot and die after the war and went crazy from the ptsd and lack of drugs and support. It was quite literally just a random murderhobo.

Ironically my second favorite Trigger Anime. This together with Dynazenon has regained my hope in the studio. Can't wait for Gridman Universe and Panty & Stocking S2

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An ex-tabletop PC who survived the journey, but was left a penniless hobo

David's Mom > Dorio, Rebecca and the Ripperdock > Everyone else > Maine >= David > Kiwi

>in my day we didn't have all these fancy schmancy quickhacks You kids have way too easy now! Why I even met Jonny Silverhand, I was in that tower!

Well, just level with me here. Do you believe people live out more pleasurable lives than they do lives filled with pain of some sort? Would you be willing to back up that assertion with some reference to the history of this species, which has been mired in war, disease and strife? Do I really have to enumerate the ways in which existence might come to be regarded as a net negative? Or why we turn to religion for salvation from this world? You can die, quite possibly alone or suddenly. In pain, even. That's not to mention all the things that may go wrong well before you expire. The only reason you're able to accept this fact is because you have pushed to the furthest reaches of your mind and subdued it, somehow. Life has its beautiful moments but some people disagree as to whether it justifies the whole ordeal

The PC of the most stable and least violent player at the table on the first session

>thousand yard post nut stare
man, life in the fast lane, huh?

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This show is literally teenager beta-uprising and then dies at the end after simping so hard over a girl that won't even open up to her and zoomers are going "he's just like me fr fr no cap" over him while cooming over all of the female cast

Prob the most basic coomer-bait shit I've ever watched.

Trigger truly lost their touch but know how to hit precisely the right notes to get the same demographic of people to coom over the same cookie-cutter girls fuffilling the fantasy of the "teenager that gets... EPIC"-mc.

Of course they got KR0NPR1NZ in on it. The same-fast artist that made Ghost In The Shell look generic.

People really CRIED at the ending?

Gloria. She may have ripped parts off of bodies to sell on the side, but that is normal for Meat Wagon. She just wanted the best for David.

that ripper was cool af. Honestly didnt expect the feels when he revealed he cared about david in the end

Ending was good, wasnt expecting anything other in a crapsack world of Cyberpunk, but Cyberskeleton was a huge letdown, after all the hype it gets the damned thing looks like a blocky toy robot.

Stay natty bros, don't end up like me

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Reminder Lucy was a virgin before she met David

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It was probably some people's first despair-porn ending so they cried because of it. Really while I liked the show David just got too retarded near the end

Chisebros, we are next on the list

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Is this pasta?

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