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We lived to see the One Piece endgame lads. Is this Uranus?

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It’s a giant ufo strawhat that drops lasers.

Endgame right here, brothers

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Post cute and canon

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No telling. I want to see Gear 5th Luffy deflect those beams using Gum Gum no UFO just for shits and giggles.

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it can't be Pluton or Poseidon

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I love this bun.

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I can't believe Imu is from THAT race

It’s a loli

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imagine the garchus

"my dream is...!"
has there ever been a worse fucking offscreen than this? even dude's who are just silhouettes are better than this fucking atrocious bull shit.

Imu is Luffy's mom

BONNEYCHADS [email protected]

If it is, it'd be lame. Pluton is supposedly the island destroyer. If Uranus is just an island destroyer but from the sky then what's even the point.

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Me and Carrot

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damn brat

Duchess bun

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Imu is like 10 feet tall user.

*raughs @ u seething*

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Dumbass. She clearly has adult proportions.

Nothing personal, kid.

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It was one of my favorite moments of OP, turbokino.

I really just want it to be denden mushi with a robotic body running everything all along

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reminder shipfags

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shit art

Oda wants really hard for the reader to care and be like "oh wow I wonder what it is" not realizing that at this point anyone with half a brain doesn't even care anymore since it's probably only gonna get revealed at the last chapter as possible sequelbait anyways.


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Who’s your favorite strawhat? Mines Caribou?

It's weird but Uranus is also a spaceship apparently

>that´s what i want.... the end of my dream.
Top tier line, right there!!! That's why One Piece is still the top. Luffy's true goal remains a mystery and even more One Pice is just a means to achieve it. Jesus Fucking Epic!! Luffy shows once again why he is a top tier mc.

Am I the only one who thinks Crocodile was the empress before Hancock?

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What if Luffy's goal is to go into space and reach the sun?
Dude's a retard afterall.


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Really gyrates the old cerebellum.

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Can anyone proclaim what happened on september the 15th 2022 in chapter 1060?

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It was Zoro

They cute.

You called?

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Something about luffy's dream and bonney meeting the crew
I think that's it

oda fucked up right? Lulusia Kingdom is supposed to be in paradise not in the new world

We don't know for sure if Mihawk has a fruit or not right?

Oda has literally forgotten to give Jinbe his toast. Dude's already part of the crew. He forgot he made a big deal out of it before onigashima began.
Ever since Wano oda has lost his touch. He sets things up and can't close them. He's gone senile.

what the fuck is a zoro?
ur fanfic character??

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What would take to conquer her heart?

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The D clan were the former rulers of the One Piece that were overthrown by the Celestial Dragons with the help of Imu

Everyone loves Uta

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Any predictions for Chapter 1061 next week?

I don't remember anyone named Carrot.

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We love Zoro.

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>Be Oda
>Be 1060 fucking chapters into your manga
>Luffy: I have a dream that I have never said out loud, it is FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF DRAGON BALL Z
Jesus Christ.

opbros…next chapter when..

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According to threads 85% of readers forgot Luffy had another dream. It's first time it's empathized. Basically, everything prior to that chapters was just foreshadowing/info for the hardcore readers. This chapter is for the casual readers and to convey that it's a big deal.

>It's uhh...A MOVING ISLAND HAHA...The island is above uhhh...A GIANT COW...hence the milk everywhere

THAT man will finally make his move and do THAT

You mean the guy who was part of Captain Usopp's crew?

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Who else thought Im proportions were like this?

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Carrot is inside Caribou's body.

Seraphim Croc will be a loli and that's how we find out he's a woman

What's her endgame?

Corazon told propoganda of the celestial dragon

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Carrot sitting on a desk increasing taxes

Do you think the Celestial Dragons know about Imu?

We've known this for around 500+ chapters

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imagine the milking

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Zoro is the only one Nami hasn’t hugged, when’s it happening bros and why the build up?

Perhaps they all combine into a planet destroyer?

No, that's Ninjin

Guess Buster Calls aren't needed anymore.




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Carrot is inside Caribou surviving on his storage of food in the swamp dimension

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It’s possible. I personally prefer the idea that Croc was Whitebeard’s biological daughter and was rejected by him. I imagine croc got his scar by trying to look tough in the same way as Luffy. I guess Croc could’ve been the Amazon lily empress before falling in love with dragon.


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>tfw tomboy tagalong

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He's still fucking milking it.

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They're too busy raping everything that moves to look at the giant ass castle

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>the elders imply Sabo was unlucky to take refuge there
So br/a/s why did they erase this kingdom? It can't just be because they had revolution, there's revolutions everywhere.
>is this ur anus?
If it isn't it's hard to imagine a weapon stronger than this.

I didn't because you can see the breath on the right panel, indicting where the mouth is.


We're 1000+ chapters into this shit, mate. anyone who's made it here is a hardcore fan, anyone who isn't a hardcore fan doesn't give enough of a shit. That scene appeals to no-one and is one fo the worst scenes in all of One Piece, period.

Cute mommy tanning her buns.ōzu
Could it be this simple?

It's an inside job.

Why would it be in the New World

Mary Geoise is in neither Paradise nor New World

Imu crossed out the map and it got destroyed?
Must be Miss Goldenweek awakened.

not Elabf lol

>it sure as shit aint Urectum, tss.

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>Shut it down.

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Imu's brothers were at thriller bark

One Piece is back after the end of Wano fiasco.
This chapter screamed of pre time skip kino

Already are. Kidna hard to merge any of that with a biological creature like Poseidon though.

To control destiny and live forever

The average CD is completely oblivious and retarded. The Gorosei are probably the highest ranked CDs and Imu is the man they get orders from.


All the previous empresses fucked off with a lover, Croco doesn't seem the romantic type

You'd think it would get stale after 25 years, or veer off course and become a trainwreck like damn near every big battle shonen, but it's still as good as it's ever been. God I love One Piece.

how the fuck did she do it
vivi had a 20 year head start, carrot had furry weirdoes headstart, yamato had trans weirdoes and headstart
Bonney has amnesia

He either has a long neck or long arms.

Behold the power of vaguely mimicking idolshit

Truly The Tenth.

Imagine being dumb enough to not believe that Blackbeard is the final boss.

It's probably tied to what the One Piece actually is. So, yeah, won't reveal that right now.

At first glance yeah cause the head portion blends in with the torso while the bottom of the crown is rounded

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the man marked by flames?!

>Currently inside of Caribou where time flows differently
>Getting 1 year of training in just a few days
>Will have mastered Golden Sulong by the time she reappears
Trust the plan.

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Why are you all calling Imu a woman?

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Is that giant piss?

So, what's the asspull going to be to have Sabo survive?

Glad you rike it

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>seconds timeskip to hide some irrelevant detail from the reader
>wow government has superweapon nuke thingy
>more sabo death bait that nobody with a brain will fall for
This is post-timeskip bullshit in all of its crappyness.

That shape

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They had the toast, Jinbe just wasn't there for it.

Oda gotta chill with the antisemetism in this chapter.

Nothing happened at all.

Bonnie talking to Luffy about Dragon and maybe end up planning a meeting with him

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Enel's raigo looked more impressive.

The current Celestial Dragons are the descendants that overthrew the ancient D clan
Only the winners write history

Why aren't you?

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Most of One Piece is just Oda straight up ripping off legends and myths from various cultures and copy-pasting comical versions of real life people or events
so yes it could be that simple

If the blast didn't have haki and wasn't magma, sabo can't die from it. That's pretty much it.

The name sounds feminine

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Shut up turbo faggot, after Luffy realizes his dream there will be a flashback to this moment where they reveal what it is.

BB and Luffy will settle their score in Laugh Tale, aren't no way BB is gonna survive that

for me? it's imu-tan with a huge ass.

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Idolshit, it's that simple. Her being made after an actual idol intensified it even more.

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You really think your average reader spend as much time as us discussing One Piece online. Bro, everytime I take a short break from /opg/ I start forgetting everything, miss many foreshadowing etc.

Also, his dream is probably heavily linked to the One Piece itself so, no shit it won't be revealed right now.

>...Answer me...
>...Do you love Oden?...

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He was on a boat and off the island

do coomers really


My currently theory is that Imu is “I am You” aka Oda writing himself. The circle eye is symbolic for a story coming to an end. Zunesha has knowledge of the lost history. If he shared it, the story would be near completion. Mihawk exists to eventually be beaten by Zoro. Once he’s beaten, Zoro’s story is complete. Imu is the author creating conflict. When Luffy beats Imu, he will be able to achieve his dream, but that will mean that there will be no more conflict and as a result, no more story.

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its gonna be a character guest designed by clamp

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Im being an ayy LMAO would be kino


>there's some mandatory testing each time a female crew member joins

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>muh Sabo death bait
I think seeing a whole country and its citizens vanish in real time was way more powerful than the idea if Sabo died or not, hes just one dude at the end of the day. At least thats what I got from this chapter.

That's what's everyone will rename it in Luffy's honor after he cunt punts Imu into space.

I care you stupid shit

who are you talking about?

In the crate or in Elbaf

>Show the "few days later" to deconfirm the carrotfags
>Show Boss Jinbei in his element as a useful member of the crew on the same page.
Oda reads the threads.

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What I want
What we'll get
>crew talking to bonnie about "that man" for 90% of the chapter
>some literal who from the snow island shows up at the end of the chapter
>break next week

inside Caribou

You all must want your lights to be extinguished.

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In my bed

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She's been erased from history

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Final arcs are usually very long in mangas. That's why expect another 1000 chapters of endgame.