Kill la Kill was 10 years ago

Kill la Kill was 10 years ago.

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Wangari deserves her own show


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It has not been that lon--
>Premire date Oct. 3 2013
Jesus fucking Christ what the hell happened to that decade?

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Trigger trying to not sexualize children challenge

How can Kanto monkeys even compete with the OSAKAN BVLL?

10 years already.
I really didn't accomplish nothing in my life...


Trigger will never top klk

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gridman says hi

It was ok


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Battle Royale was over 20 years ago...

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I should have had the job I just got now back then. Then I'd have been way better off.

Surprised at how little good rule34 there is (no don’t tell me to go to that panda registration site that takes two weeks and doesn’t even work)

Go back to Twitter, tourist.
I have a Firefox extension to get past it.

they just did.

Still, I don’t want read comics I just want good art in the same style/quality as the show, although I guess the show itself is already pretty rule34

She looks so sexy in a bunny suit.

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She should have hooked up with the nudist teacher.
Barring that, yarndere living_clothes sex with Senketsu.