Tying the Knot with an Amagami Sister

Thoughts on PV2?


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Yae sex

Yuna will win

Wew, I actually don't like the voices at all.
Yae sounds like takes a lot of sedatives. I know the VA voiced Akane from Gridman, but there was that girl from Sakura Quest too and she was chill all the time. It's the same feeling. Her fun, excited personality doesn't come across.

Yuna is just weird. Can't quite grasp why, but it's just off. Rie as a tsundere is a big no.

Asahi is played way too cutesy. It hurts my ears. Please, don't let this be the direction for the anime.

Uryuu also sucks. At least he is not a familiar, overused voice.

Thei voices sound like the most generic older sister, tsundere and younger sister possible
VAs on the first PVanaged to give the girls more personality imo

I still rather avoid Amamiya and Ayaneru. I don't need the whole ass WSM lineup of romcoms to have a character that is either voiced by these two. Fat chance Seo's Terrace is gonna feature at least one of them.

Why did only Asahi's and Uryuu's VAs tweeted about the PV?

>sony's cumslob
>grating voice
>ueda "I always sound the same" reina
Literal all the way through ear rape the cast.

Who are the VAs?

Ueda Reina - Yae
Takahashi Rie - Yuna
Taketatsu (Kaji) Aana - Asahi

Who is Uryuu's VA?
Well, Yae's VA has a Staff account, so the ones running that didn't do it. Rie is busy promoting Kanojo mo Kanojo getting S2 rather than this PV.

Yuna will win.

K, but these are not guaranteed to be the anime VAs. Though you could make a case that why would they replace the previous three if not, but then Ayana is still there and she is not gonna hog another WSM anime in the name of variety.


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>Rie is busy promoting Kanojo mo Kanojo getting S2 rather than this PV.
Wasn't Ayana also on KmK?

Yes, but even Negi mentioned that she is doing promoting like crazy when she was Nino from toubun.

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Tits should be larger

Nah. She had gigajugs before, but nowadays Naito fucks up the proportions even more. All because Yuna is pretty much at quintuplet tits level, so Yae has to be beyond that.

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For some reason I feel this page should be in white and blue

Yae an honorary Tawawa?