I See You, Aizawa-san!

Chapter 3 of ghost yuri. Now bad for your heart in more ways than one.

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Kid Michi was too cute for this straight earth.

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Spoilering the cute pages for the faint of heart.

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I find things like this and Okiku-san scarier than Mieruko-chan to be honest.

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Thanks, OP!

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Satsuki is in the locker.

It's happening.

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I'm down for cute ghost yuri. But only if there's no shitty love triangle garbage.


No yayas here. Kasumi has her own girl.

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>Pick up that can(dy).
This is actually the saddest page of the chapter for me.

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The faces in this manga are pretty great. When you can't have a dialogue you have to get creative.

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It's nice that she seems to be lively considering she isn't anymore.

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