Do It Yourself!

Is this the only anime to look forward to this fall?

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There's enough shitposting shows next season that this one should be overlooked by the serial trolls. Here's to hoping.

There's Yama Susume and Bocchi the Rock too

they look really cute, yes... I'm thinking in marriage, sex (lots of sex and intravaginal only) and pregnancy

I don't think they'll be /diy/ing iPS cells, user.
A double-ended dildo is doable though.

>Chainsaw Man and all that
I'm hoping this too.

Futoku no guild. Low stakes comedy ecchi where monsters lewd the girls.

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>comedy ecchi where monsters lewd the girls
That's every naroutrash though

>Doing anything themselves

Better be a comedy

>Better be a comedy
It isn't your biography

I'm also looking forward to YamaSusu, and the Maid original show by Cygames. I want to like Bocchi too, but I have heard really bad things about the scheduling of that, so tempering my expectations for it.

>Oh on he insulated woman
>My virgin self better defend them

Pathetic cuck


Should be a cooking show. That's all they need to be doing. Most female constructions end in massive causalities.

The presence of humanized cow is a repellent for me.

Just this and Bocchi the Rock. I'll watch Kancolle because I've been waiting for 7 fucking years but I know it's gonna be shit. Everything else in fall looks balls

Wish fullfilment isekai exist for a reason, retard.

You're either a troon or women to get this upset

>muh trannies
God you're such a cancerous newfag. Fuck off already.

I'm a cute little girl and so 90% of Any Forums population.

>cancerous newfag. Fuck off already
You're acting super fucking gay right now.


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