She is never coming

She is never coming

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I'd make her come.

You have to follow her.

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You missed the point

Can you repeat the question?

What anime again? Welcome to the NHK?

i'm 31 and i still hate wagecucking. what now bitch?

Puru puru pururin pururin

As if I need some bitch to look down on me, nothing would piss me off more that that. Suicidal teenage whore needs to patronize someone worse off than her to keep living. Just die bitch

She is a bpd cunt who used him for her own self worth. You should be glad she isn't coming.

Knock knock knock…

The only one who can save you is your self...
Also you can't help who doesn't want to be helped.
You can do it!

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Dubs and she will come to me

Good, she would just ruin you more


>this man would now be in his 60s

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there was another post similar to this one but i cant find it
also an old guy who barely looks alive and filled with regret

I watched her anime for the first time when I was 15 ,it was funny to see how satou was a human waste,I'm 20 now,it's not funny anymore it's just hit in a bad way

might be this one

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If I got to this age and am still the way I am now, my one and only goal would probably be to save up enough money to be able to kill myself via carbon monoxide poisoning without any chance of my survival or any chance that I could physically harm others through my death. I hope I am able to change before then.

I always say this should be one of the first series you watch if you’re starting to watch anime. My first three anime (other than stuff I’d catch on TV) were Eva, Lain, and this. And I’m grateful for that.

(Tatami Galaxy is an acceptable substitute)