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Here is your tomboy nakama.

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With how much she eats this bitch must be farting every 30 seconds

I like vore

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works for me . i like her design
she can compete with luffy on food

Endgame right here, brothers

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We dont have pink colour scheme. SHE IS JOINING

the cutest

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>Not a Nami face
I’m genuinely fine with this

how much meat will she eat once she will join?

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She eats so much because her age changing power requires a lot of energy

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you are really overdoing the coomer posts about bonney... just when I thought I fially could stop spamming these threads because yamato and carrot were left behin here comes bonney who is a much bigger coomer material because of her compulsive eating behavior that can be extrapolated to her sex life... it's time for you to stop making coomer posts and stick to pue posts for a while don't fall in this coombait pitfall once again save your soul

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i rather have bonney than carrotfags and zoro vs sanji shitposting


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Why is Oda pandering to lolis now?

Oh, it seems coby will have a hard time

too late

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I'm going to go against the trend and say I don't think Imu will be the final villain.
I do think she is being set up as a main big bad but the final antagonist will come down to Blackbeard.
Imu will probably be the Doflamingo to the Riku D's. The tyrant occupier king of the world vs the true righteous king.

The final battle will be between Luffy and Blackbeard once Imu is overthrown to see what new direction the world will move in.

Imu has too many advantages right now and Blackbeard is too weak for me to think that status quo will remain the same.

she can have my meat if you know what i meant

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Bonney has a crew

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Not anymore.

Idk of Garp "knows" who Imu is. He put the pieces together and knows someone is above the goresei and doesn't trust them. I think, akainu is similar in that he hates that the goresei breaks the rules that they set up. For someone that believes in "absolute justice", if intended to make the marines aware of Imu, I honestly don't think Akinu would support it and it could drive Akainu out of the marines for the final war.

Needless to say, if this theory is right, it hinges on 1. Sabo knows the lightning is from Imu 2. Sabo saw Imu / felt thier haki 3. Sabo would only know if it is haki lightning

Because with Shanks' lightning, only luffy recognized it, as he and Jinbei are the only ones who actually have been in Shanks presence before.

How many more times is Oda gonna kill Sabo?

I've got no meat, but I can offer her a Carrot

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where's her open tummy?

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and so did usop and franky and by some extend nami and brook

>letter next to j
>sideways capital e
>double the u
What did Oda mean by this?

Imagine seething over a nice pair of titties, what are you fucking gay ?

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There used to be a theory a while back that Bonney was keeping the Gorosei alive and that she’s a lot older than she lets on, but she escaped, and that’s why the world government always attempts to capture her but never kill her

Edit: To add onto this also, one could ask “well why doesn’t the WG kill her and have someone more obedient use her fruit?” And I’ve thought about this, what if her fruit is extremely hard and extremely dangerous to control? Sorta like Eri from My Hero, what if a new user could end up de-aging people, or even possibly themselves, to nothing, on accident?

I wonder how they'll get along if they met?

>kind and compassionate
How can your favourite even compete?

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Why would she want to join?


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that was around when akainu captured her

None of the 5 elder stars seem to have aged from the Ohara Flashback which was 22 years ago..

The most notable one is actually the blond one. The old guys keeping looking old is one thing, but he's like late 20s early thirties and looks the fucking same 22 years later. Going from 30 to 52 years old there should be some character design changes..

There is something going on with the Celestial Dragons and being immortal. Like there's a lot of Christian mythology in what Oda is up to with like Devil Fruits being a reference to Garden of Eden and the Trees Eve and Adam. Like somehow there is immortality tied into what the celestial dragons pulled off during the void Century. In Christian/Jewish mythology Adam and Eve ate the fruit of Knowledge and God kicked them out of paradise before they ate the fruit of eternal life. When God realized Adam and eve comprehended their own mortality and would fear death he knew they'd eat the Forbidden fruit again to live forever and was like no. Gtfo you're not allowed in Eden ever again I know what you'll eventually do.

She's just the Law of the next arc.

>same eye color as Shanks and Blackbeard in the Yonko color spread
So Gear 5 doesn't change Luffy's eye color, it just makes it so his irises are always visible (not only in certain panels)

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Post Cute and Canon

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but he's just a man whore

Sanji is the type that would forgive his wife for cheating on him, multiple times in fact

but what are YOUR feelings towards the character?

This means Oda still has Carrot in mind.

You are mentally ill, what is it with one piece that attracts so many schizos ?

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Does the chapter confirm Imu did it rather than ordered it?

A large object destroying it sounds very Fujitora like. It's also giving me thoughts of God Valley, where the land mass simply ceased to exist.

A point in favor of it being some sort of fruit power that isn't Imu's though: God Valley was wiped out, this seems to have been wiped out. The physical island of Ohara still exists, but it's not what it once was. It was ruined via Buster Call, not with the same technique that took out God Valley and presumably Lulucia.

So there may have been a gap where the Marines (or those above them) didn't have this power.

>Vegapunk creation
>ancient weapon uranus
>kizaru's awakening
>bomb bomb no mi model: nuclear
which one was it

Which unironically, will make her more relevant that if she actually joined

Fucked up Zoro's line there

Predator Zoro already claimed that loli. Notice how he crouches down like a signature pedo, letting the loli feel comfortable and that it’s okay to approach

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>Post Cute and Canon

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Why the Reddit spam?

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Next 5 arcs*
My question is why did we need another fucking Law? Why can't we just have another good stretch of content like from Jaya to Saboady? No whiny princess tear factories, no garbage samurai or fujobait faglords, just the strawhats having strawhat adventures.

Garp spent his entire life as a Marine. 0 chance he has no idea about the dirty secrets of the government like Imu's existence. His refusal to be Admiral is a big evidence of that. He's always hated the Celestials and does not want to directly answer to them. Even when Garp was in his prime it was already clear he didn't like the Celestials.

Pretty sure Issho, Smoker, and Kuzan are not the first good-at-heart marines to question the own government they serve.

Maybe that plays a part in explaining how Dragon ended up starting the revolution, the Monkey father-son duo had to be exposed to some crucial shit back in the day.

I also think that's exactly why Garp can't really act out. He knows he's basically the symbol of justice more than the government heads. Everyone looks up to the Hero of the Marines. Even if the ones at the top are pieces of shit, if Garp strays from his path he knows the consequences and how many good marines/civilians will be affected if chaos ensues within the Marines/Gov't if HE goes rogue.

Garp's always been carrying one of the heaviest burden in the series and that's a huge factor in why he couldn't save Ace. It wasn't just his personal justice to 100% uphold the law, he's been fucking around loopholes and technicalities by being super lazy all these years. He basically let the Strawhats walk free in Water 7.

I think he is still a virgin.


And send all of her lovers to hospital. At a certain moment they'll stop and he keeps his wife. Pretty smart, I say.

because Luffy will save her

its probably just visual shorthand for readers, not power related.

lol that he draws an on a map X though. X marks the spot...

one piece's treasure might be in places im marked X on, and then carried to the final island. raftel is on an island that cannot be found, so Im cannot destroy it.

thinking about it harder:

- fishman island is beneath mariejois. cannot be destroyed.

- cannot find the location of zou because it moves, im cant destroy it.

- raftel has no location on a map.

- wano contains the last secret weapon, destroying wano would unleash it. cannot be destroyed.

all of the important locations cannot be destroyed...

edit: or maybe, these are the only places that survived from the ancient kingdom/lost history for these reasons.

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Is she the ultimate carrotseether?

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Saleikum aleikum brother

Dropped pic.

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He would kill the man she slept with and Sanji has such natural charisma that the likelyhood of a woman that loves him cheating on him is very low

I love Carrot!

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>user wants to have the final battle happen after all the stakes are gone because that's the standard Naruto went with for its finale.
You can TASTE the spics it's insane

I don't know if she's going to join or not
But maybe she wants to see the government burn down and she knows the revs are fucking useless

That is canon. Sanji has never seen a pussy in his entire life.

You can’t lie that she’d make an interesting contrast from Robin and Nami.

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For a moment I thought it was Zeff and Sanji in that image

Imu is too powerful for 1v1 against Luffy. It'll be a repeat of Uta. Everybody punches Imu in an abstract multidimensional battle. BB is a repeat of Rocks and there's a reason why Roger and Garp defeated Rocks.

>after all the stakes are gone

Carrot got deconfirmed by the new chapter

Sanjicucks are positively embarrassing

He saw Zoro

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I want a three way conflict
Imu + Uranus
Blackbeard + Pluto
Luffy + Poseidon

so Imu tried to kill Sabo who saw him sitting on the empty throne. Little that he/she knew he was talking to Dragon. Sabo will most likely survive the murder attempt. Oda wouldnt off screen him.

I wonder if we get to know what Luffys dream is or just have it blanked. I guess it wont be revealed now but we get to see his nakamas reaction to it. Most of them will probally have weird faces and the ones whol'll laugh is probally gonna be Jimbei. Makes sense that they also get to know about his dream.

Edit: Interesting, the ones who laughs is Franky. Brook can be crying or laughing. Sanji and Chopper seem to feel happy, Robin and Jimbei are shocked, Nami and Zoro and Ussop seem to be worried. Its really difficult to tell some of their expression without knowing japanese.

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She’ll grow attached to Luffy like all the other SHs who didn’t initially wanna join did. Plus, her joining would make the BB fight make sense since BB is the reason why the Navy captured her crew in the first place. Maybe she won’t officially join, but she can be a place holder as the tenth commander for the time being.

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Sanji has hairy legs he's not a virgin

Ok hear me out. I don't think Imu is Enel, obv, but Skypeia def is a mini arc that mimicks the bigger story. Also I don't think this power is a devil fruit. I did some research and found out that Enel was born on Bilca, a sky island southeast of Skypeia that he destroyed after eating his devil fruit because he got a god complex. Then he went to Skypeia and we know what happened there.

Bilca was named by its inhabitants after the original capital city on the moon, so I think they got there when they moved on Earth. Enel probably is one of their descendants and wanted to go back home following the tale of the Fairie Warth (aka the Moon) passed on by his moon ancestors. The natives also built many androids to serve them, that Enel reactivated with his power. But the important thing to focus on is: Enel was surprised that the air on the moon was breathable, so its inhabitants knew how to manipulate the atmosphere.

Guess who else was born on Bilca? Haredas, the weather scientist who built the artificial sky island Weatheria where Nami stayed during timeskip. He is the inventor of the weather balls, which are considered his biggest invention, the same ones Nami uses to fight. Now the interesting part is that when Nami asks Haredas if they can be used as a weapon he reacts by being terrified at the idea and to never say something like that out loud. A suspiciously exaggerated reaction indeed. Haredas is also known to be keeping track of unusual weather phenomena in the course of the years.

Haredas built Weatheria 65 years prior to now and moved there ever since. If Haredas is a descendant of the moon people as it seems, I theorize the descendants of the moon were highly skilled in weather manipulation, and so I think they are the ones who built Uranus. Perhaps they were some kind of storm gods and could manipulate storms and elements like Lunarians can manipulate fire. Maybe Uranus is a weapon that can manipulate the weather by working together with the power of Imu, an

R*port the Reddit spammer for spam, takes care of the problem faster

Garp was there at god's valley, he was there to find out what event would trigger the god valley nuking, and for the nuking itself, he understands very well who he would work with as an admiral and that's exactly why he keeps declining the promotion

next arc? Sanji's arc

one piece? All Blue named differently

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>mfw patiently waiting for Bonney to join

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>she wants to see the government burn down
My adorable little arsonist BonBon

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or there may be a reason why the WG couldn't just glass ohara. maybe it has to be kept around.

>Oda wouldnt off screen him.

I wish, what's the point of this fucker to begin with ?

What about Dragon ?

What did Oda mean by this unironically? He must have known LuNa was a thing for shipfags

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>No argument
Kill yourself, kinda funny how a simp like Sanji has probably gotten more pussy than you'll ever see in your life

There is no other explanation: that's definitely the use of the Ancient Weapon Uranus we are witnessing in this chapter.

Uranus is most likely a giant war spaceship.

Possibly, is the one ship the Lunaria or The Sky People, the Moon People, originally used to come to Earth. The Arc Maxim is probably Enel's resource-limited, individualistic interpretation of the very same thing.

This single plot line is what, IMO and on paper, makes the upcoming 1060th chapter one the hypest One Piece chapters ever. We are witnessing the real might of the World Government and Imu.

And yes, Oda is most likely scamming us again with the revelation of Luffy's dream. What a marauder.


She's just nami but without the good parts, just an angry cunt 24/7.
Skip to 3:05

>allergic to canon panels

typical seething tranny

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We got Bonneyfags now?

>ONE piece
>ALL blue
The one piece will erase the red line making the world ONE where it is ALL Blue

Reading the full raws plus images makes it clear Imu was not targeting Sabo. The reaction of the Five Elders makes it clear: "Lulucia? How? What an unlucky man, perhaps it is fate." This implies Lulucia was already set to be destroyed, Sabo had the misfortune of being present when it happened. It is a happy incident, for the Elders and Imu, that Sabo was intercepted precisely in the island set to be destroyed.

If it had been targeted at Sabo, the sky would have darkened AFTER Sabo mentions he saw something strange. But the sky was already darkening before Sabo got close to revealing Imu's existence.

Which brings up the question, what criteria is needed for Imu to obliterate islands like this? Why not use this power/weapon more frequently?

That is on the island of Okama he lost his virginity?

we need a little bit of SASS in this crew!

As hot as Bonney looks, she must smell rancid.


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The evil Sanji clones are on standby to yoink another arc.

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I know its not gonna happen, but if the story actually kept up this pace for the rest of it, One Piece will unquestionably save itself and be one of the best mangas of all time.

I'm getting too optimistic but that this point it seems kind of strange to imagine anything as grand and slow and boring as Dressrosa or Wano happening again.

It's not like theres going to be some massive siege of Shanks or Blackbeards base.

Mariejois is like the only real candidate.

>kinda funny how a simp like Sanji has probably gotten more pussy
So zero? The only hole Sanji ever been in is probably some Okama’s anus

>Literal lizard dinosaur man
>Hates Eggs

I don't get it, snakes and lizards LOVE eggs.

Btw some info on Lulucia Kingdom that just got nuked. R.I.P

•in the “paradise” part of the grandline, situated near Momoiro Island (Sanji ts training). It’s also near a marine base.

•The place where Ace’s cover story took place

•The heavenly Tribute that’s mandatory for WG affiliation made the country or at least port city extremely poor.

•Also the place where the Revolutionarie commanders helped out townsfolk beat the pirate Peachbeard and collect his bounty.

•A Royal of this country was the one that Koby saved from pirates in the submarine on their way to Reverie.

(All info from the Wiki btw)

Oh, it's Satanji

I wonder what will make Sanji and Nami have the wedding again next arc

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>One Piece is ending in less than 100 chapters
>let's add one more useless skank like Carrot, Uta, Yamato,.. so we can still attract some waifuloverfucktard.

Nami is a lesbian

Why can’t Oda stop giving nakamafags ammo?

No in Skypiea he had leg hair, so he probably fucked one of these:
- A woman in the baratie
- Nami
- Vivi
- Robin

The OG sexy duo will return

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Blackbeard will be gentle

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>Imu crosses a kingdom on a map, many laser beams fall from the sky and obliterate it at the same time
What are the chances that once Luffy and co. draw the X made by all the Road Poneglyphs on a map a laser appears from the sky to take them to Laugh Tale?

Can I just say I’m really happy Oda is using the Supernovas in creative ways. All throughout the Yonko saga they’ve played a major role in the world building of the New World. It makes the One Piece world feel bigger, and the characters are people with their own aspirations and not just waiting around for the protagonist to do something. What makes it even more amazing is that they were an afterthought. Supposedly the story goes, Law and Kidd were the only ones meant to be appear in One Piece. However his editor wanted more and in the space of a week Oda wrote and fleshed out multiple characters with great designs and backstories. But what matters most is the fact that these characters matter. Genius from Oda. Anyways Bonney fascinates me and I’m hoping Urouge makes an appearance too.

don't you all think you are jumping the gun a little here? There's no guarantee she will be the next Law, cause the important thing about her is her connection to Kuma and Mari Jois and right now we are in another island. So unless she also somehow is connected to the next island, is impossible for her to be the next Law

>allergic to [headcanon]

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I’ll make my own crew and Carrot will be the Vice Captain.

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How did you get a negative amount of pussy, user? Did you transition or something?

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