Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Was it his fault?

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Just take your meds man.

It was her fault.

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It was a series of unfortunate events
Mostly autismo-chan's fault things ended up how they did though

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Post more Smasher.

She was trying her best but sadly her son was an adhd retard

i want to live between her tighs

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She just wanted the best for David, but he never got over what happened to her, and later Maine, and the show is essentially David's drawn out suicide.

>be interested in Cyberpunk for the last 20 years
>play the RPG
>play CP2077
>finish watching Edgerunners
>look up some discussions
>realize, after 20 years, that “Cyberpsychosis” is not real and it’s an in-game Conspiracy created by the Big Tech and Big Pharma to push the blame away from the truth
>”Cyberpsycho” is just any person with implants that goes psycho, but go psychotic without chrome and it’s not the same anymore!
I wasn’t fucking aware the lore was so deep. Look it up, it’s fascinating.

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I would too after she lost some weight. Nothing attractive about fat

Cognitive load, frying neurons from processing too much information, etc.
It's basically just a violent form of technology induced Alzheimer's

When will you guys stop slandering this poor innocent dead woman?

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Show was great but i think i still have Gridman as my favorite Trigger's work. Cyberpunk's ending was kino but now i'm too sad. Second place is still good

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Ghost in the shell rip off

>sweating because she knows her sins finally caught up to her


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Lucy for hand holding
Rebecca for deep throating

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im going to make a BD thats just me sitting with my head in her lap while she pets me

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How did she not hear the gunshot?


Holy shit why's the MC so fucking retarded?
He had A FUCKING TON of chances to "Fuck it, let's bail and live a quiet life with muh waifu" but noooooo
Also god i want to fuck Rebecca, she's perfect

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>alerting the clearly mentally ill criminal that you are right behind him instead of silently backing out
Lol she deserved it

I bet Lucy was secretly glad

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Within a month 90% of you shitters will be spitting venom calling this show the worst shit you’ve ever seen.
Take note of this post, I know the future.

But Rebecca is loyal and a good friend

Lucy should have died instead.

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I could have save her bwos....

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David's desire to live pretty much disappeared after his mom died, and the entire show is pretty much watching him spiral into his death. The typical Night City mind set is also to live fast and die young and possibly die as somebody instead of living as a nobody.

why was rebecca's outfit just a black bikini with a jacket on top

you sure it isn't that regular people will move on but you'll still talk shit about it?

Are there any titcows in this? Since its cyberpunk I think there should be

Nah, true kino would have been her pulling off the helmet and a single tear floating off her eyes before it cuts out to her obvious death

Lucy really got a front row seat to her getting SMASHED, amazing.

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you know why

Me me
When I jump off a platform because I'm to lazy to use stairs and suddenly there's a womanlet beneath me

All the "special" shit got to his head; by the end he definitely preferred the death he got over downgrading his gear and disappearing into obscurity.

she's got mox tattoos. she's a former doll (prostitute)

>The typical Night City mind set is also to live fast and die young and possibly die as somebody instead of living as a nobody.
Yeah yeah i know, i played the game.
Funny how the best ending is the one where you say fuck you to Night City and go live with your mexico waifu

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So is the show still worth it if I got the ending spoiled by the threads?
Wait how would they benefit from it? I just know that some cyberpsychos are actually remote activated but the rest are quite legit people with brains fried by excessive augs

Literally the main girl.

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Imagine keeping natural nipples

don't worry, there's another girl with blue nips for you

Those look kinda small...

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About to rewatch the whole thing again, this time in Japanese (seethe, weebfags. It was meant to be watched in English, chooms).

What is interesting, I can’t remember the last time I watched a whole season of something twice in a row. Last thing might have been the 1st Season of Overlord.

Same way modern drug companies push to hide side effects from labels.
So they can sell more shit to more people regardless of the outcome.

anime stayed true to the ttrpg mechanics of cyberpsychosis

I've never done that with something I liked you fucking low level animal.

>All the "special" shit got to his head
Typical ego shithead.
Adam Smashers was "special" too until i katana his ass to pieces

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need stronger meds?

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Why didn't she just step aside?