Legal "loli"

>legal "loli"

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Why does Any Forums hate legal lolis?

Any Forums has shit taste

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Do you haz a Suzu?

Yeah, it's like saying 5'5" "man" or a 4" "dick."

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> Potato loli body
> Personality of an old hag
Lolibabas are the worst.

Delete that garbage and use this.

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That is tranny logic
Kill yourself

>illegal "loli"

>Fake lolis

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>tatsumaki gets me diamonds
>plebians call me a lolicon for it
I almost never like that shit, I hate this stupid "legal loli" meme. Why can't I just like small lithe girls in peace?

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legal loli is the adopted sister of anime

Grow some taste fags.

>entry-level garbage for ironic lolicons

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They are lolis.
You can say that they are not a target of your sexual attraction, but you can not say that they are not lolis.

young loli!

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You are all going to prison regardless


dating midgets is not illegal, nor is everywhere us/canada