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New issue out.
Shachiku-san to Iede Shoujo ended.
It really needed one more chapter in between the last one and this one. Felt very sudden how it went straight from Yuki leaving a note that she's running away from home to a timeskip.

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How did it end

Yuki got really drunk and made out with Naru.

Can you upload it?

Dump it all user.

Sorry my upload speed is very bad, it'd take forever. Maybe the usual user will do it later.

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The end.

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Yuri always wins

Nothing more of note?

Gals being very good pals

Have to appreciate the fact that the girls kissed and it's implicit they even had sex with the classic fade to black, but the ending is still handholding lol

Chino eloped with Cocoa, Wamura publicly outed herself as a masochist, the gyaru slave moved in with the vampire, and another humanoid tuna spawned in Maguro.

Here's the Table of content.
I've prepared a poll to see what series people are interested in. I'll first post the new guest and other final chapters.

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