Domestic girlfriend

Ah,what a wholesome looking character.I bet she's there just to light up the mood of the anime with her cuteness.

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Rui a best
Hina a shit

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What was her problem again? Why did she fuck so many guys?

She loved them all

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It’s not really a "problem"

She was a slut, simple as
He love for all them dicks was real

I think she must have started a relationship with Kajita after the first time she broke up with Natsuo. I liked her character more than Hina's but her relationship with Natsuo never worked very well, everything was perfect when they were just friends, but there seemed to be no chemistry between them once they became a couple. Hina may not have been my favorite character, but she and Natsuo made a better couple.

I was glad it had a happy ending honestly. She was a slut, but one of those sluts I can't hate.

That's just bullshit. Natsuo and Rui has the best chemistry in the manga and the most enjoyable to read.
And Rui is close to Kajita after she broke up with Natsuo the first time, but it's just a rehash of her episode with Alex whereas Miyabi is the Momo rehash.

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Personally I don't think settling for Rikkun is a happy ending for her, but Sasuga made her so happy so all is well. A doctor with a stay at home dad, quite ridiculous.

I'm 27/28 volumes done reading. I know how it ends but I don't want to finish. I mean I will soon but that's how I feel knowing the final outcome. Thanks for reading my blog.

>Natsuo and Rui has the best chemistry in the manga and the most enjoyable to read
It was, when they were not a couple. Once they became a couple it was awkward to see them together most of the time. Rui started complaining about the stupidest and most insignificant things and making silly rules like they shouldn't see each other for x amount of time, they barely spent time together and when they did they didn't seem to get along, before their first break up I was already looking forward to it. On the other side, when Natsuo and Hina were a couple they got along so well it made me feel jealous, I never had that feeling when Natsuo and Rui were together and Rui was my favorite character when I first started reading the manga.

NTA but I have to admit Hina showed more restraint when Rui was not around. Meanwhile in the beginning Rui was stealing kisses and bathtime while Natsuo was on the mend.

You're deliberately picking up those plot points to keep Natsuo focused on his drama club storyline. Whereas you failed to remember how Sasuga started Natsuo Hina relationship with a big teenage horniness red flag plus they also had to set boundaries to keep their relationship a secret and Hina's friend Maki as a plot device to keep them from being a couple for a majority of their short relationship time. Regardless, Natsuo and Rui still keep their banter relationship after they become a couple.

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Rui actually admitted to Hina to liking Natsuo in the beginning. And Hina said she only was triggered to like Natsuo because she saw him kissing Rui.

The virgin emotionally unstable slut Momo
>Falls in love with someone new every week
>Uses love to fill a void
>Not well
>Makes weird hangers
>Genderfag who only dates males
The chad sophisticated hedonist slut Kiriya:
>Celebrated writer while being a school teacher
>Flirts with his students
>Believes teachers should be able to date students
>Cultured renaissance man
>Love has nothing to do with gender
>Orders students to make out in front of his face; they do it.

How can any character in this title compete with Kiriya?

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You keep on getting it wrong and get corrected but still you won't stop.

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That bitch deserved it. Cry rape because it didn't go your way? I hope she rots away in a hostess job.

Yeah, Hina and Natsuo's relationship wasn't perfect either, it even seemed like Hina didn't take Natsuo seriously at first, but as the relationship progressed they became closer and seemed to enjoy the time they spent together. It was nice to see them together even if they had quarrels sometimes, because they really seemed like a couple.

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Well just by the virtue of having that much more screentime together, Natsuo Rui relationship cover more aspects from their joking banters to lovey dovey stuff. I'm thinking since Hina as a character on her own amounts to nothing without Natsuo, you're weighting her screentime with Natsuo as a couple much more but in reality whatever Hina has with Natsuo Rui too have even more. Plus Rui is not crippled as a character when Natsuo is not around.

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