Is this "anime"?

Is this "anime"?

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It's kino.

I can see a black person on that promo image, so no.

it's tranime


Yes. Western original IP doesn't preclude it being anime if it's a Japanese production crew and in Japanese style. See Witchblade, Gankutsuou, etc.

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all anime are cartoons so I don't give a fuck

>No russian subtitles
And they expect me to not pirate this shit.

is Horseradish an "anime"?

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No, it’s Anime of the Year.

it's THE anime

Still ain't watching

Oh shit, it's over.

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It's garbage.

The fact that Trigger is populated by derranged westaboos does not make Japanese animation not anime any more than Western productions imitating Japanese work is anime

Fuck, guess we kill ourselves now.

>No russian subtitles
based if true

>No russian subtitles
Serves you right

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>expecting a Japanese, American, and Polish project to pander to Russians


Trigger is Japanese.

AniDB says it's anime. And they are very strict. Like, "spent years debating if Molcar is anime" strict.

It's not. It's a production designed to advertise the weak game. The anime itself is recommended by paid bot accounts on popular anime services. Do not waste your time.

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If anything, it just demonstrates why CDPR never should have been given the license

Any Forums is also infested with them.

Molcar isn't anime, it's better than that

It caters to my basic anime needs of sex, violence, and humor so it's in my top 5 favorite anime with Space Dandy and Devilman Crybaby.

All anime is just an advertisement for related merch.