One Piece

If this page gives you a boner you're a pedophile
>B-buh she's actually 1,000 years old!!!
Shut up

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Why start a thread with bait?

>OP is a lolicon
>he's falseflagging
>he wants anons to post lolis

>Shut it down.

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Kaido feels like an afterthought. It’s like everyone let him larp as the strongest and now that he’s gone, nobody cares anymore.

Really forgettable honestly.

Little carrotchuds squirming like the vile rats they are


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fapped to that doujin

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Endgame right here, brothers

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is she holding a small dildo?

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>Sabo: Dragon-san!! I’m not the one who assassinated King Cobra!!
Sabo actually murdering Cobra would've been 1000x more interesting than insisting on keeping him a pathetic Ace clone

Why do the Strawhats have Caribou in a chained barrel

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Hello dragon san, yes the island was destroyed. what? how I survived? I'm a logia dragon-san, how could you forget

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>shut THAT down

>he thought Uranus was a person


soul vs soulless

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It's lipstick, retard. She wrote on the bear pelt with it.

Logically, defeating both Big Mom and Kaido should have been the single most impressive feat that any pirate has ever accomplished.

But it's hollow. It didn't feel earned. Luffy just trained for one single day and got strong enough to defeat him. A massive letdown for how much build up the Yonko had.

So he doesn’t rape and/or kidnap Nami and Robin.

Your brain on furshit

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Crew vs Crew's Full, Carrotchud.

It was obvious that it was the WG from the get go