I know I'm way late on this, but what the FUCK did I just watch? And why did I like it?

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>the FUCK did I just watch?
Boring triggershit
>And why did I like it?
You have boring taste

Furry genetic engineering propaganda

Like, the first few episodes were a hilarious clusterfuck of themes, but by the final 3-ish episodes I felt pretty invested and like the show knew where it wanted to go. Which is strange considering Trigger.

The idol friend is cute

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Well I'm sold.

Quads confirm
I can't decide whether I like her or the dolphin better.

What happened to the drug that can turn normal people into super overpowered god like bests?
Nobody asked questions. Nobody cared. Just one scene explaining what happened and that's it.

Do you mean the contaminated blood that the mc got? Because the xboxhueg state is apparently present in every animal human by default. If I got that right.

every man deserves a tanuki wife

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Cute girlfriends

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my girlfriends that is

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Furry girls don't post on Any Forums

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you don't know that

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Are you new to anime?

Can't say I've seen that many with furry/kemono characters that delves into baseball one episode and the furry holocaust the next.

>beastars is a trainwreck and CGIshit
>BNA is colored skin with no snouts for the girls but boys are normal

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we need to revive the cancelled klonoa movie

That's normal across most animated mediums. The males appear more animal-like while the females appear human-like. TVtropes has a page on it.

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fuck off I have work to do I can't be dreaming about Callie again right now

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It wasn't just blood, more like an experimental serum based on beastman DNA.

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>the first few episodes were a hilarious clusterfuck of themes
And so were the last couple of episodes
>The true enemy was pure breed all along

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baseball episode was good

True, that was stupid, but at least it had a more clear direction and tone. The flipflop between funny antics and people getting violently murdered in the first half was kinda jarring.

>villain is an enforcer of conformity
No shit, that's half of Trigger shows and every Imaishi anime. How can you possibly find that surprising?