Non Non Biyori

Happy Birthday to the bottle-drinker also Season 4 when

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>Season 4
user, I...

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>milk bottles
I don't understand.

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>drank plently of milk when she was little
>still didn't grow

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the joke is that she's retarded

I want to be Koma-chan's uncle who still spoils her like she's 5 years old.

Komari is mature enough to be my wife.

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Married life with Komari and getting stopped by confused cops every day.

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What if she still shits herself too at 5

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Happy Birthday, Komari.
Hopefully this year you'll finally be potty-trained.

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Happy birthday Komari-senpai! Thank you for leading by example!

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>by example
What did he mean by this.

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>Season 4
Soon enough user, we just need Atto doing the manga about Renge and Shio.

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S4 will be in VR


this spot was made for Komari

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Needs pregnation so she can breastfeed komari

maybe Hotarun's love for Komari is her motherly instinct