Junji Ito

I recently started reading Tomie and I'm currently at the chapter in the mountains. So far I think it's extremely overrated. Yeah, Tomie is hot but the "story" is really repetitive and it isn't scary at all. I liked Uzumaki a lot more because it actually managed to unsettle me with its lovecraftian atmosphere. How does Any Forums feel about Junji ito's stories?

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It's not overated. It's rated properly.

>the "story" is really repetitive
It is, but it's a collection of mostly independent chapters which were released slowly over the course of years. It's not meant to be read in one sitting.
Also almost everyone agrees Uzumaki is better.

I like Ito, though I won't act like an expert nor act like every single story of his is an instant winner.
I will say it seems like his works have been coming out fast (or getting printed for the west more than before).
To me it's like a Japanese Stephen King with so much out I almost don't know where to start or if they'll all be worth it.

ito is the thomas ligotti of horror manga, which is to say he's overrated but only because meme creeps latch onto his stuff and say its all gold, which provokes alt-meme creeps into deriding it as pretentious shit. there are parts of uzumaki that remind me of ligotti in a less superficial way as well, esp. the part with the astronomer, and the recurring theme of mannequins and dolls in his shorts.
tomie isn't his best, i'll agree. gyo is more viscerally repulsive and uzumaki is more frightening. his newer stories aren't as scary but just as visually interesting - 'dissolving beauty' springs to mind.

The good thing about starting to read Junji Ito with Tomie is because you see the evolution of the skill over the years. But it's rare to find someone who says it's his favorite work. Try reading some of his stories later: The Enigma Of Amigara Fault, Honored Ancestors, The Hanging Balloons

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I like Junji Ito but I have never read tomie.

Thanks for the replies guys. This thread is probably gonna die soon but I appreciate you. It's almost impossibile to discuss manga other than shonen here sometimes. Anyways, I'll try to read more of his stories and keep an open mind (since I really think his drawings are beautiful)

They've never been scary. They are very engaging though. Don't tell me you didn't laugh when you read The Human Chair

I like some of his works, sure. But he's very flawed. More than what people want to admit.
He's not a good writer and his internet fans at least on this side of the pond only know some panels from his works and want to fit in so they claim any of his works are great.
Don't get me wrong, he can make a good setting and he is great at art in his manga, but his writing storywise is bad.
I'm still mad at how he went with Remina. That's a clear example of making a great setting with a great menace and drawing things really well, but the writing and development being the shittiest.

>It's almost impossibile to discuss manga other than shonen here sometimes
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I wish that one got a bit more time to develop. It kinda just rushes at the end going "look she shacked up with him INSIDE THE CHAIR how shocking" going for a shock than a psychological breaking of the woman.

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I like Junji Ito's stories for what they are. I had discovered his works randomly years ago, and so I didn't have any expectations like some people. I like how he draws pretty girls. I don't really understand why is his style defined as 'horror' though, as I find it more weird / funny than scary (which is not a bad thing in itself). If you want something similar but with somewhat better storytelling, you may also want to look at Kazuo Umezu's stuff.

i read human chair (both manga and short story) and got aroused, are such things normal?

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Honestly, I think Ito's fan set new readers up to be disappointed when they parade him as 'the master of horror', when his stuff is often quite silly/goofy, and he mostly seems to just enjoy playing with horror tropes for fun.

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>and it isn't scary at all.
Horror is meant to horrify, not scare.

Tomie is one of his weakest stories, same with Uzumaki, they hinge on the stupidity of the characters