Dungeon Meshi Chapter 87

New chapter just dropped.

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>he eat the dialogue balloon

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Read the chapter earlier.
>origin story
My eyeballs hurt from the rolling.

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lion had a hard life...an infinite being stuck in a finite world...

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I feel like I'm missing something here

well that escalated quickly

Did he not realize he's able to refuse?

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was he the cause of the severe difference in lifespans amongst different races?

It represents the demons' recollection.
They tricked him, he doesn't even remember how, but he went from top of the world to magic battery from one day to the next.

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>eat desires first, ask questions later

I wonder which dungeon this was, it's probably mentioned in the guidebook that had a list of famous dungeons and plenty of those were "dead".

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Don't spoiler pages in the middle of the dump, retard. Unless there's nudity.

I get the sense it's kinda an abstract representation of dungeons and the world as a whole.

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So the lion is dumb ?

It's a turning point.
Let me have some drama. I'm filling in all these captchas.

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It's interesting how the demon originally didn't pop out of a dungeon, that means the portals to the other world could pop out on the surface and the dungeons were just built around them.

Yes, I did.

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So did the elfs made up the whole story about the ancients trying to create a "Perpetual motion machine" being the reason why the demons arrived at the world?

It only has one basic need, to feed on desires. He doesn't understand living beings, or what desires are, he just encourages them and eat them.

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Yeh, looks like it. The guy asking for immortality for his race looks like an elf. The one after asked to shorten it to just 1,000. The difference in appearances between them also seems to suggest that some elf asked for their entire race to become beautiful too.

The pudgier-looking ones seem like they could be halflings? I wonder if all the different races are just a result of the demon genetically engineering different species of an originally single race according to what every group wanted.

That seems like such a cool place to live.

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good chapter

Many sex with Falin

I don't know if they did.
The demon doesn't have any memories from before he started eating emotions, so we don't know how he originally came into the world.
I don't know if the location of the dungeons even has anything to do with it, or if it's just the place they were at when they decided to create something to lock him in.

No really, is totally possible that's what firmed the riffs. Or do you mean because civilization on those places wasn't as developed?

I remember a silly D&D manga about food I started reading 8 years ago

Turned himself into a fruit

>a dwarf caused the near extinction of every intelligent race
>Namari caused the party to lose their food and with that, they lost to the dragon
Never trust a dwarf.

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The first dungeon that they trapped this demon in could have been exactly that perpetual energy machine.

So what exactly is the demon's endgame?
Once he gets out, the world becomes infinite like him?

Kino chapter.


He once again becomes a god devouring human emotions.
But this time, he won't be careful not eating them into extinction because they might go extinct anyway. So he'll gobble up all of humanity.

>8 years ago
haha no fucking way-
>it is real
I still remember making thread about this before it even getting translated