Why didn't Hachiman go for sensei?

Why didn't Hachiman go for sensei?

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She's dangerous.

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Because she is mine.

back then i liked yukino, nowadays i'm so old that i'd go for sensei

irl she would be a keeper even with the age gap


Because he got Yukino first
If he didn't get Yukino he would most likely go for sensei

Too old. He even admits himself that he would have hit it like a freight train if she was his age.

>Yui would have lost to the teacher even without Yukino
Poor girl can't catch a break.

she has a route in the VN

What´s the actual age difference?

Realistically it's because a guy like him is too grounded in his manners to try to hit on not just an older woman but also someone who's socially above him like that. He'd do it if it was "socially safe"

it was implied to be about 10 years


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Is 10 years too much in this age and society?
Asking for a friend.


you don't have friends

I do have one but she´s 10 years younger than me

He admitted he would've chosen her if not for their age difference.