Solution Epsilon would be my beloved creation

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I'd probably make something like Shalltear.

Lewd goth lolis should be the real life beauty standard.
Why the fuck would anyone like huge tits and a fat ass. Ass smells like ass, and big tits are just in the way.

apparently there is another spider like entity by the name grant who is also high leveled, so even with my arachnophobia i would still make something like that or a buddha

is pandora actor really that weak that he couldn't do anything against aganeia?


did they announce s5 already?

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Does this have to be asked every thread?

Retards who cant understand the concept of information warfare. Please understand.

Huh, I just found out that maruyama wrote a scenario in kagetsu tohya with characters named yamase maiko and akemi. Obviously yamaiko and akemichan in overlord. Nice

I like slimes and drills, I also love both spectrums of the female body and Solution is literally the solution to that problem. I can ask her to be a delicious flat chested loli Solution one day and a hot F+ cup mommy Solution the next day.
She definitely would be something I would create.

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I only create trash when that's a option for sure i would go for something as pandoras actor but cringier, but for laughs instead of edgy

Nice forehead



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Nah, I think we gonna have to wait until the last 2 volumes are done for that, S5 maybe in 3years

deepest lore

Will we ever see the madness and godly npcs that roam the 8th floor?

if we'll see them is in the next 2 volumes when ainz goes genocide against the slane theocracy

Nabe can change too and her personality is cute

Pandora can imitate up to 70% of his disguise's stats
The sole reason he didn't obliterate dragoncuck is because Ainz told him to get information.

>when ainz goes genocide against the slane theocracy
Poor oreo, I honestly can't imagine the fate she will suffer

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Why couldn't Overlord get a better adaptation? It's predominantly a character and world driven story with sakuga-required action few and far between. It would have been relatively budget friendly to give it a top quality adaptation and it has a lot of merchandising power to make money back so why is it being treated so poorly?