ITT post the worst girls in their own series

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ugu face

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is this actually good or just overhyped shit

>let's get this bitch to talk
dropped on the third manga because the story doesn't go anywhere

No one on Any Forums calls it good, the only redemption is the gender ambiguous cocktease

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>the only redemption is the gender ambiguous cocktease
you wandered away from your Any Forums containment board again. The no-gender freak is extremely forced and unfunny. The mangaka just put it in there as an attempt to cash-in on progressives, but the mangaka was too big of a dipshit to realize that progressives don't have money to spend.

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Komi sueño

You are retarded if that's what you took away from my comment

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it's fascinating how much the artstyle has devolved, it reminds of that jojo edit of SBR dio when he's attacking johnny

>I didn't like it, but I like that there is someone like me in it, nevermind the overall quality of the character or the manga, that is its one redeeming quality
you are a plague


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Excuse you?

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Excuse you and your entire miserable race.

>main girl
>gets little to no character development until the very end of the series

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monogatari has always been a crab series, other girls are just living in it

its actually kinda crazy how Komi-san went from super cute comfy series to irredeemable complete trash chapter after chapter