Mushoku Tensei

News when?

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can't wait for F(erris) illustration aka loli eris with braid

Bout what? It’s coming at the end of this year. Redundancy most likely next year.
Anime S2 also next year.
English LN 19 at the end of this month. Wonder what they added to Shirone war.

Meant to say Rifujin better not slack around and properly write new content for redundancy.
Also I know nobody cares but I’m tired of waiting for orc’s demon arc as well.

mushitku tastemyanus s5 tomorrow.

Rifujin better finish the story already and gives us a pedo Lara and obsessed miko lusting for otherworlder cock

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She should get married

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Sure just Isekai me and I'll give you three months max

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>round frame

hahaha is because she is fat

that's only one, i think you meant

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So fucking hot

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Wait. WAIT i tell you! So Rudeous eventually forms not one, not two but 3 families? He has sons and daughters with all his wives? He is Paul`s son alright...

kissing bananers!!!!!!!1!