Explain why isekai is bad without using these buzzwords

Explain why isekai is bad without using these buzzwords
>wish fulfillment
>power fantasy
>male fantasy
>proto-slysoy disenfranchisement peddled as neet/entertainment/herbivore powerplay
Isekai is the best type of anime because it can be any genre from romance to action its also the go to for pure entertainment most of the stories are simple and straight forward what more do you need in an anime? and yet people hate it by just spewing these buzzwords that they don't even understand

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Isekai is bad because it is all of those buzzwords at once.

I do not find the isekai premise entertaining.

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Because it does not appeal to me personally.

if I dont like it then its shit

I don't think you know what "buzzword" means.

There is no inherent badness in the isekai style. But most isekais are low effort self-insert incel power fantasy garbage.

I've noticed something about people who self-insert. They tend to have low metacognitive abilities. It is almost like they are unable to empathize with fictional characters and for them to have any connection with a story they MUST be the main character. They can never enjoy the spectacle. I guess that is just the difference between the masses and myself. Would harem, isekai, and shonen series be as popular if the average IQ of each demographic was raised by a SD? I think not.

Bloated and for the most part a pretty boring and repetitive genre. The few that do stand out do so by breaking away from the traditional isekai setup.

Based and true.

Isekai isn't inherently bad, and the genre itself is so broad that it can cover all kinds of unique and interesting stories.
It can, but it doesn't.
A Japanese loser gets hit by a truck and is reincarnated into a Dragon Quest styled European fantasy setting in which he has a special cheat power that allows him to break the setting over his knee and then he acquires a harem consisting of stock character templates.
Again, this isn't a bad story. But at some point, you're just watching the same shit over and over again, but with every proper noun changed.

not enough rape

It's almost always badly written. Writers rely way too heavily on isekai tropes and story beats and it gets really old, really fast. Nearly every one has a harem, a cheat power, an evil church that's a clear stand in for catholicism even though the author probably doesn't even have any opinions on catholicism and is just putting them in the story because other authors do it. It's all too samey, so if you don't like one, you probably wont like any of them, and since anime is pretty much saturated with them, you get a lot of people who get sick of it all, hence the hatred. Plus all that other stuff you mentioned, which is totally fair criticism of the isekai as well.

it's repetitive

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There are good ones and bad ones, mostly bad ones but that's true for every genre of anime regardless of the setting and true for every kind of media too.

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Stop using this buzzword. modern Isekai is bad, because it's shit.

Simple. It's not.
It's like saying that every fiction featuring ginger is terrible.
A non-sequitur.


Isekai is bad because it killed sci fi anime. I am no longer interested in fantasy and the novelty of game concepts wore off years ago. I don't get giddy like some of you fags do when a minute detail or reference to games gets adapted into the medium. This adaptation is also not geniune and is too abstract detached and soulless to instil any real joy. Essentially the visual medium of fantasy as a premise especially in the way it is handled in animation format needs to die off as fast as possible. If you still enjoy fantasy of this type you are a faggot or underage and will soon become disenchanted with this shit. I do not give a fuck about your shitty rpg mechanics FAGGOT. I hate you all.

Isekai is bad when it is just a shifty clone of something else. When it is good it is good!

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>Isekai is bad because it killed sci fi anime
I think you're confusing a chicken with an egg here.

isekai is all of those buzzwords and that's why it sucks.
all isekai are basically the same garbage, any difference between shows is either purely cosmetic, completely pointless and doesnt get in the way of the wish fulfillment formula, or serves the sole purpose of adding an extra dash of that wish fulfillment.
i don't understand how anything smarter than a domestic dog (otaku aren't even as smart as those) could like isekai, but seeing as you posted sataniashit, it's probably very likely that you aren't very intelligent at all.

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>i don't understand how anything smarter than a domestic dog (otaku aren't even as smart as those) could like isekai
Maybe because you're not that bright yourself

Because this guy is a killer of that mainstream shit.

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>words are buzz because... I said they are, okay!!?