> 2022. I am forgotten

What went wrong? How has this become a Rin(mostly) vs Sakura board.

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Salter is better desu

FGO raped Saber so much, that no one can take her seriously anymore.

FGO killed Fate.

Why would I argue with Scatfags and Wormkeks when I know without a shadow of a doubt that Seibah is No.1?

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UFOtable killed Fate.

Based. Let those autists fight for second place.

Nobody likes the 35 year old hag that's why.

She has a body of a teenager.

they're competing for the 2nd place

And the mind of a woman going through a mid-life crisis. Gross, she's a hebephile

>Gross, she's a hebephile
Uhh...Shirou is...uhhh mature for his age.

Who do you think you're kidding? That boy looks like a shaved chicken.

I remember you altria

A daring synthesis.

Oops meant for this

Who cares about the losers who argue over 2nd place? Also most of the sakura posting isn't even from sakurafags.

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Jesus, made to be bred by a dirty, ugly, hairy, pig nosed old man.

Arturia is the canon winner, wormslut and whore are busy fighting over being second place.

>trannylovers only care about popularity
Kek, Rinfag vs Sakurafag autism is all clearly about the in-universe relationship between the sisters and Rin's supposed mistreatment of Sakura but trannylovers are too insecure to not bring up muh heckin popularity n shiet.

Artoria was always cursed with knights who couldn't live up to her virtue so that's fitting I guess.

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