Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

So is Rebecca a latina?

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no she's my wife.

I know many of you will hate me, but what do you think about the new Cyber Punk anime? Cyberpunk Edge Runners. It's well-animated and good from what I've seen so far. I was going to post a thread but thank god you did.

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You’ll have to pry her from my cold dead hands choom

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She is a loose cyber girl. but she ain't a latine desu. She's a white girl.


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>jobbed to a tranny armed with a dildo

He fucked Rebecca so hard it blew her mind

So does Adam Smasher have like a built-in dick, or does he have to screw one on prior to a joytoy session

her brother is pilar, so yes. his skin color is probably what she looked like before she became a mox

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Your terms are acceptable

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He probably has a separate body for Seggs. The body he uses here is like work attire. Alternatively: the second one.

Sex is too pleb to get him off, his only ecstasy is violent bloodshed in combat.

So is this series actually good or just another modern sex obsessed and perverted piece of shit?

According to a lore user in a previous thread he actually has a separate body that he jumps into to have sex.


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God damn, Kiwi is huge.

some user said that he has another body for fucking, looked like a young blonde elvis presley
he used it to fuck michiko

The only good thing about the batch release is that we didn't suffer a week of cuckposting from episode 3 to 4.

Outside of the first two episodes to establish the setting the sex is all off-screen and relationship driven.

I really really need to see this alternate sex body.
Woulda been cool if that was an option to kill hill in game.

It’s kino
Latino isn’t a race
He uses other bodies
He used a body that looked like a blond and young Elvis to fuck Michiko

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Wasn't gonna watch it but now I will