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Episode 12 PV:
This face is what you will see if you try to mess with her wife Chisato.

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No, I will not watch it.

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>episode 12 already
Man this season moves fast. I got stalled after episode 6 due to being busy with work. When does the plot kick into gear?

>nothing happens
>greatest animu EVAR!!!!!!
holy cope

Cute lovers' suicide.

>ctrl + f "greatest"
>1 result
Holy schizo.

>Takina is about to deliver the deathblow to Majima
>is saved by Shinji
>ambushed by his secretary
It’s not fucking fair.

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You all have the rope ready when these three teams up in order to defeat Shinji, right?

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At the end of episode 8. General opinion is that the show got worse when the plot became the focus. I personally don't mind it that much.

This is the best BD bonus

>double suicide
I will become a monk if this true.

Yes. I'll lend it to you in case it does not happen.

Not the one where Takina is groping Chisato's ass from behind?

Majima is dead in the first half. Final boss is Shinji.

the g*d is here with us.

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That one is more romantic and expresses Takina's possessive nature while the other one is more erotic and raunchy

Now that it’s confirmed that Majima dies next episode. I hope his brain dead fans stop posting or fuck off to another series to ruin.

They look cute together.

>Majima is dead in the first half
This is almost certainly the case because the blinders are back up by the time Takina is thrown out and Majima is toast as soon as they are since he loses his advantage. I guess either Kurumi hacks the tower to lift them or Shinji does it from the inside.

Everything will burn to the ground if he does not die.

>this season moves fast
No this season is the most boring it's so slow. When I can have nice things.

I mind it because they foreshadowed new heart in the same fucking episode. And DA was utterly retarded.


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>Everyone wants him to die
>A-1 does not let him die
I hate it!

I think that pic happens before Takina falls, maybe Chisato is talking with Shinji and Takina is hiding listening, then the secretary catches her by surprise.

Majima and his angels.

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I don't see why Takina would separate from Chisato before falling

This shot is the only instance in the series I have popped a boner even after 11 episodes of yuri, panties and naked loli

Majima will kill Shinji for Chisato because she does not want to kill her father figure with her own hands.

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They kill/incapacitate Majima, split up to look for Shinji and Chisato finds him first.

I wouldn't have much confidence in Majima's death, given the (completely unnecessary and incomprehensible) efforts that the production team puts into humanizing him. Maybe they'll just let him get away with it, in the worst case, with a little bit of exculpatory backstory to make sure everyone understands that he's not such a bad guy. Killed a dozen girls? That's okay, they were killers themselves, all right?
Nobody's right and nobody's wrong, long live moral relativism and the herbivore worldview!

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