Touge Oni

What is even happening in this manga? Why is Master's Master beating up Miyo?

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What the fuck is this?

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Because he doesn't remember her, so he got startled when he saw her right next to him. He can't keep memories anymore, so he just writes events down.


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There just had to be a drawback huh?

I wonder how old he actually is.

Where did you get raw?

From the author's twitter, he only posted 3 pages as a preview.

Obviously brat needed some correction

Yeah. It seems like the tensen procedure worked, but it's also incredibly unstable, and his body breaks down whenever he goes to sleep. which results in It then rebuilds when he is "woken up".

Where are you reading this from, are you the translator?

I didn't read the chapter directly. I just read some japanese summaries/impressions and glanced over the korean scanlations.

Chapter looks as interesting as always, thanks for the link.

As it turns out, shoving an alien organ into your body is not a great idea and you'll basically become an automaton with your ego and scraps of memories attached to your own corpse.

This is going inside my OPT folder.

Why wouldn't he? Sounds like something he'd do, just to get back at her master. He's insane

He's her master too!

Dude is insane yes, but attacking Miyo here is more out of shock than malice, he literally does not seem to remember her at all.

Wonder how easy is he to gaslight

>shoving an alien organ into your body
Did I miss a chapter? when did they say this?

Can't wait for the chapter and the translation. Touge Oni is seriously good