Yofukashi no Uta

Why didn't it blow up in Japan like it did in the West?

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tits was too pointy

She's a whore or whatever

I would assume it's entirely because of the weird boobs.

The Japanese have taste unlike europoors and burgers

>The Japanese have taste

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Anyone have a link to the Chibi animation thing

>Blow up in the west
What gave you that impression? The threads here are basically dead, other western sites barely discuss it. There's hardly any good fanart Western or Japanese. It didn't blow up anywhere, it's extremely average

It was incredibly boring for me, couldn't bring myself to continue past 2/3 chapters (manga).

It was beating LR in some poll

You'd have to be insane to think that poll was accurate

>lyco flop yuribaitshit
Wow, big achievement. Any Forums is still pretending that garbage is popular?

LycoRoll despite me believing it's shit is easily one of the most popular anime this season, in fact it has more ratings than Made in Abyss even.

It's so popular that the LN adaptation sold out. Even the re-stocks did.

>The threads here are basically dead
The threads were regularly hitting bump limit until recently and most threads have 400+ posts which is pretty healthy by Any Forums standards. If you want to see dead threads, look at series like Ayumu or Maou-sama.

user even stuff like Blue Reflection hit the bump limit every single week, you're living in a bubble if you think this is even in the top 10 this season. Even that literal who Succubus slut anime has more viewers.

I thought the main reason BRR got popular here was because it attracted the "anons who like watching unpopular all-girls shows" crowd. This season they seem to be watching Arsnotoria.

yeah they have shit taste
I'm sorry we don't like to eat shit in europe

You would be mistaken

>Even that literal who Succubus slut anime has more viewers.
Give a source

Well it was the impression I got.