Was Aizen planning to impregnate Orihime?

Was Aizen planning to impregnate Orihime?

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Yes. 100%


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Since when were you under the impression that he didn't?

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Ichigo is a lucky guy

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Nah, he was planning on making Ichigo impregnate Orihime. Since when were you u.der the impression that anything so far has not been 100% according to his plans? Next after his plans appear to fail with the Hell shit, the real plan is for Kazuki to impregnate Ichika.

>Nah, he was planning on making Ichigo impregnate Orihime
Aizen likes to watch?

Kazui is evil because he's Aizen's son

>kind-hearted big titty redhead

I'd go so far as to say that Ichigo is the biggest winner of all the great shonen protagonist. Orhime absolutely mogs the shit out of every other shonen protagonist's girl. She's better than Hinata, she's better than Chi Chi, and I don't even know who the fuck Luffy's main girl is supposed to be, assuming he's even going to get one. Ichigo is the winner of winners in shonen.

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>Did Aizen marry and breed Orihime while the Soul Society mistakenly imprisoned Ichigo in Muken?

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>You win by having sex with a dumb bimbo
Bleach ended 10 years ago yet its fans seem to be still underage


*Kind hearted, motherly, and sexy girl

Can’t believe Ichigo only has one kid. After all the nonsensical plot twists Kubo has pulled that’s the most bullshit one of all. I would have fertility goddess Orihime working overtime building me an army

This 100%

>you need to make children every time having sex

>kind-hearted big titty redhead

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>a new wave of orihime, yoruichi and Rukia r34
There is a god and he smiles upon us.