Female protagonist is "too pretty" to make friends

>female protagonist is "too pretty" to make friends

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>Women are jealous of her
>Men are either intimidated or only interested in sex
Sounds about right.

Ugly "people" don't understand this feel.

It never happened or it's pretty rare. Women WILL approach prettier women. Both genders will. Only chudcels will feel threatened by them.
I never saw a single pretty female that was truly lonely. Nor in my school, nor in my college, nor in all my jobs. They all make friends EASILY.

obviously you've never been a woman.
girls hate when another girl is too attractive and has only male friends

>thinks attractive people only attract those sexually attracted to them
Biggest perks of being sexually attractive come from same sex people not interested in you sexually just treating you better.

yeah, a woman who has no female friends is doing so by choice and it's a major red flag.

>never happened
i can think of at least one girl had this dilemma.

dealing in absolutes is kinda hard to do desu, because they can be destroyed by anecdotes

All of the prettiest girls I've known were extremely friendly, personable people. They wouldn't touch me with a ten-foot pole but they weren't the type of person to not strike up a conversation with randos.

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it's pretty hard making friends when everyone wants something from you.

She was too autistic

>female protagonist is "too slutty" to make friends

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grass is always greener

Pic related is the opposite and even more cringe.

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Maybe if they are social butterflies at the same time as being pretty.
Pretty+autistic is a dangerous combination.
Though it's kinda rare for someone autistic (I mean it in the meme sense BTW, not the medical one) to keep putting in effort to stay pretty.
In fact once the depression from "too pretty to make friends" kick in they should start getting uglier even faster.
I guess Japanese traditional values are a factor that forces girls to keep themselves pretty, which is why "too pretty to make friends" is a Japanese thing.

Knowing women make shit friends is a red flag?

This we beautiful people are the most oppressed race.

Do some more research into Japanese culture mate.
Being too pretty/good is a legit excuse to get ostracized

>Japan is riddled with history of natural disasters and low fertile lands
>everyone has to cooperate.
>culture of collectivism ensures high chance of survival
>people who are individualistic and value only themselves are seen as threats to the social hedgemony

People who are too good, kind, pretty, smart, etc. Make others feel insecure about themselves and would therefore avoid that guy.

America value individualism because your history had lots of fertile land, fresh water, and few natural disasters.

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>too pretty to make friends
Bullshit. Not everyone is a bitter loser to not approach someone pretty. It's proved that attractive people usually makes people feel more empathetic towards them.

Halo effect has been proven to be a culturally independent phenomena. See also advertisement and popular music, which are dominated by physically attractive people regardless of culture

Sure it does, but there is a limit in Japan over how much you are allowed to stand out. Past that point, they would see you as someone who puts them down.
Japan even enforces dying the hair of students/workers, despite their natural brown/red hair

Hence why Japan is known as the least helpful country in the developed world. They are afraid of standing out and making others feel like a dick.

Also, ads are a massive exception. They make their money from standing out