Chainsaw Man

Yoru is adorable

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Denji's boyfriend Yoshida.

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Denji doesn't want to get laid, he is actually asexual and wants to disinterestedly provide a loving mother figure for nayuta and start a nuclear family

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>Yoru stuck in a weak DYEL femcel

It's actually crazy how lucky we got with studio Mappa. No other TV anime has ever looked this good before

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Denji accidentally made a contract with the erectile dysfunction devil.

Why many retards want part 2 to be SxF? because most of them want that

Endgame right here, sisters

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This manga is boring now. I’m going to walk away from it a while to give it time to get interesting again.


CONTROL is endgame, Makima is not different from Nayuta in any way that matter, Denji will always love Makima and control will always love Pochita/Denji

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Cuckoldji penis is too small. So him being asexual makes sense.

SxF and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

Nayuta hasn't even appeared because of how irrelevant she is. Endgame is obviously Asa/Yoru for denji

I want to fuck Makima

We know, Aki.


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>Chainsaw Man Season 1 is listed for 12 episodes

>source: I made it up

he just needs to eat him and boom ED gone. Literally just needs to eat a dick for the common good

Made for PBC

Makima and Pochita's fates are permanently interlinked. Pochita literally appeared to Denji in a dream and said "grant the control devils wish: she wants [to be in] a relationship with an equal
CSM p2/3/4 will be about him becoming Control's ideal

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