Will the anime make Fiona more popular?

Will the anime make Fiona more popular?

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depends on the seiyuu

reminder that Fiona is for the author's self insert, aka Franky.

Oh wow, who is that beautiful lady next to Yor the whore? I'm an anime only so I haven't seen her yet but I just know she's going to become the FMC!

Cry more

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Mountains. NOW!

It's Ami Koshimizu.

I didn't give a damn about her reading the manga so the anime probably wont be able to do anything.

back to the mountains

It's going to make her fags more annoying.

Don't care, just give me more yorny goods

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poor Fiona... I just want her to be happy...

In your dreams Franky

Same. Her autism clearly parallels Yuri's but it doesn't feel the same, and that tennis arc felt like pure filler. Maybe once she and Yuri meet up and can play off of eachother's tism it'll be better.

Fiona belongs to the ugly incel jew, not to the cute incestuous psychopath.

Don't think that will happen, but I would love Koshimizu to play an autistic role.

Nobody talking bout the second trailer?

Already sounds better that Mixed Nuts

Dummy thicc Yor...

>No bullet butt chapter footage
The ending song trailer is my last hope

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Can't wait, Bond looks so cute.

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>momma Yor protecting Anya