Kanojo mo Kanojo


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big family with Shino

Hiroyuki outdid himself with this chapter

How can anyone not root for shino after this

I have to admit, I was a Shino hater and shitposted her a lot, but after this chapter I can't just find any reasons to hate her anymore. I kneel.

We don't need another thread until the next chapter monday...

>he doesn't know about the countdown to Friday

It's gonna be nothing more than a picture of all 4 girls together.

i watched half the anime and thought it was dogshit but every time i see the girl in the OP i think about picking up the manga. bad decision?

I'm finally starting to get behind Shino's gag of unintentionally being the lewdest girlfriend. Watching her constantly trip herself into being completely naked on top of Naoya is pretty funny at this point.

Nah, the manga is fun trash most of the time tho there is a lull during the study arc.

It's inside?

So she is used goods?

Shino will never be kanojo.
Sachi will never win.

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Best part is that Naoya said which means sex with Shino is coming really soon (after Saki gets her first nakadashi, that is)

Haven't kept up with this for a while, did the author actually ruin the premise and turn it into a harem?

>still no Shino toilet scene

How rude! She's still pure and devoted to Naoya.

The tanks don't show nipples, right?

I kneel, Shino.

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main girls in manga almost never have them shown