Boku no Hero Academia


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No one gives a shit because Mirio's ass is unironically a better character than Deku. NOW POST IT

oh gee I sure can't hope for deku to punch the villain really hard until he wins. maybe he'll even kick him once or twice too!

He won't kick Shiggy. He will SAVE HIM! Shiggy will be a hero, too!

No more crying.
Time for an ass whooping.

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>the ass was so thicc it killed the thread
Miriro's ass > Deku

Mirio's ass got more (you)'s than deku's return holy shit LMAO

sure it is KEK

is this the worst final arc/final boss fight in shonen history?


Why are they fighting Shiggy when they should be hosting another concert??

Time to clap those cheeks

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It's the biggest example of an author not caring anymore. I can picture Hori writing this with a big grin on his face

Who is getting Mirio's fat ass after this?

Why did the jannies prune the last one?

MHAssholes... we're joining our sisters the SNKeks

>deku was pulled away due to a gag
>deku has his big return chapter ruined by an ass joke
Even Hori knows Deku is the most pathetic mc

If the anime ever catches up, Mirio Culo is gonna be included in the final episode as how they beat Shiggy. Here's your finale, bro

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Will the other fights be off-screened?

>boku ga kita

Mirio's PEACH was so unbelievably RIPE that the thread consumed itself

Probably cause of the reddit comments being copy pasted

Wait so is Mirio's ass actually a better character than Deku?

That’s blacked clover for you. People Actually cares about MHA

Broly Culo >>>>

stfu loser we're discussing mirio's peach

That's the spoiler? Yawn

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Lol, what's he gonna do? Talk him to death?

El jermano...


>It's the biggest example of an author not caring anymore.
No, the war arc in Naruto still tops that department.


Having more depth from taking Tamaki's horse cock, that is.

Bet there would be 0 complaints if Bakugo showed his ass. Y'all are hypocritical as fuck



Imagine being a Miriobro in 2022. Lmao.

What the fuck Mirio did to Hori to deserve this humiliation

That blacked clover is shit BCuck?

Why did Mirio show his ass but not his dick?

The Deku self-insert jokes have been put to rest. Shiggy is Hori's self-insert

Daring to be a candidate to be All Might's successor besides Deku.

BC is entering the Wano Arc
I would be worried if I were you

>deku's big return chapter
>ruined by mirio's absolute dump truck of an ass
I think he's doing fine. I just see decucks coping and trying to deflect to BC and Naruto

It's bad, but not shokugeki or nanatsu level yet.

True. Mirio's ass overshadowed Deku's return.

You clearly haven't read Jojo parts 5 and 6.

They should show Bakugo's ass as well so our local retard can get off to something other than getting anal fucked everyday

Hype too strong

>author got an extended break to atleast plan things out for the final arc
at worst it will be an extremely generic finale, but there's zero chance it will ever reach the lows of MHA's final arc like the hero heart or the peach

hori simply doesn't care about MHA anymore and it shows, he's just making shit up every week so he can be done with this series

Deku and Mirio both look like complete retards here.

I don't want to see Bakugo's disease ridden used ass. At least with characters like Mirio or Hawks they have only taken horse cock or fire cock exclusively.

this, what the fuck was hori thinking

Fuck Bakugo's death. I want to see the anime adapt Mirio's riping of the peach.

Dude the chapter was named Peaches. Deku's return chapter is named after Mirio's ass cheeks.

I GENUINELY cannot think of a more cucked mc

The one who turned into a dove

Is this what they were going to do to Trump? Impeachment?