Boku no Hero Academia


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Hori once again stealing ideas from Naruto. He literally stole the reverse harem jutsu against Kaguya comedic bit

on a scale of 1-ASS how good to you rate mha

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Is it weird that I feel like it worked better there? Something about Mirio’s ass just seems out of place compared to it.

I wanna see Tomura chuckling

who the fuck is the goofy looking guy with the body full of fingers?

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i am once again asking for a version of this with mirio and shiggy

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I really want to hear his VA do it whenever the time comes. I love Uchiyama's performance as him and it's probably the only thing guaranteed to remain decent in the anime unless they do some really shitty direction for TomurAFO

It's a good callback

That's Shigaraki. He can rapidly grow hands/fingers despite having his quirks erased because his body is unstable like that.

>AIIIIIIEEE Deku! You can't win on your own, you need the help of your friends!
>friends proceed to be completely useless until Deku arrives
What did Hori mean by this?

So does this means Mirio is a bottom?

he's a blatant bad writer

Unironically one of my favorite chapters of the manga. Made me laugh and made me hyped 10/10

It's the boy!

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This was actually funny tho

Shigaraki is such a fucking walking calamity that I actually feel proud Mirio was smart and funny enough not only to stop him but to make him chuckle as well after he disposed of every other hero like they were nothing. Shigaraki laughing or finding something amusing in his current state seems impossible
Kudos to Mirio, his ass is the real boku no hero

Pure Ass

I mean it was so bad its funny. I've been laughing at the past couple chapters of peoples reactions to how fucked up this series has become.


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Shiggy looks so cool.

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No the bit with Mirio twerking his ass was funny.

Mirio has such a fat ass there is NO way someone hasn't hit that already

I sure am glad Eri wasted her charged up rewind on giving Mirio his quirk back

I want to see proof of how Suneater got his hero name.

Haha, I wonder if Deku will present his ass to Shigaraki next. That would be hilarious and a sure way to surprise him right...He should totally do that hehe

How much gay porn is that one panel going to generate

He's doing that Faux 100% thing with blackwhip and fa jin, right?

>proceeds to laugh at butt joke

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Shigaraki has Tenko's mind so it kind of makes sense. He is like a little kid inside.

How will you express your gratitude to Mirio, user?

Yeah he mentioned it that one chapter when he was coming over.


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>Oh my permeable funny ass

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>See Hand armor Shiggy.
>Have a chuckle.
>Deku arrives.

We got like 2 more phases here given Shiggy didnt even get to flex by using quirks yet, wake me up when that happens.

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Uhhh if it weren’t for his friends and the support, everyone the heroes were fighting to protect would be dead right now lol. So yes, Deku DID need their help. Notice how Deku is literally barely getting to the fight? How much havoc would have been reeked if all the other heroes didn’t intervene?

Thank you for shaking dat ass for our sake. We won’t let this transgression go to waste.

He would be balls deep in Toga as we speak.

So literally no one died while Deku was away

how long has it been since we have seen deku

77 days or something. Saw a tweet like that the other day

Look, the floor panel lifted up.

It’s uhh…. It’s been a while.

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Anyone wants to bet its another break week for the next because Hori this year cant get his shit together?

So this was the last thing Nighteye saw before he died?

Welcome to competent writing.

Edgeshot, and a bunch of other heroes on other fronts. Miruko is a bloody pulp at this point as well kek

Really though I'm looking forwards to what my fave mirio aritist is gonna post because of this update. They're gonna have a field day at the sudden peach attack

8 chapters wouldn't be so bad if the manga hadn't been off every other week all year

This chapter was great. The mirio bit made my day

>So literally no one died while Deku was away

Mirko lost more limbs, which I care about significantly more than most of the characters.

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No break, but we’ll get a flashback to what Deku ran into while he was flying over here

Wrong thread, user.

Deku with the sling shot SMASH

I'm happy about this chapter cause it just reinforces that I shouldn't take this manga seriously

>still can't draw decent action
what the hell is wrong with this faggot author why bother making a battle shonen if you can't draw good action in over 300 chapters

Thats acceptable enough.


So Mirko gets to live. I'm sure twitter artists will be happy. She got her ass beat but they'll keep calling her a strong woman they want to fuck them

This is one of the funniest panels of all time.

If I smack his ass will he die?

Edgeshot isn't dead. Also didn't the last chapter just confirmed he wouldn't actually die from the operation?
>and a bunch of other heroes on other fronts
who cares??
Mirko losing limbs isn't anything new. Also she kind of did it to herself for being so aggressive and having no strategy beyond "kick"

How does it feel knowing that Mirio’s ass is stronger than Miruko, best Jeanist, Tamaki and Nejire combined?