One piece scans are out

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We got nuked by Imu.

Post them

Well? Post then, faggot

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>Everything going on in the world from Marines to Shichibukai to Yonko to Seraphim is just a game to Imu
>Only her existence being leaked warrants getting serious and launching the nukes

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Caribougods, I kneel

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>Zoro: are you looking down on Vivi?! We all know how strong of a woman she is!!
Not even Mr Bushido is looking down on Vivi

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Same energy.

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Carrotkeks on suicide watch

Toooootally lies! As if he'd kill Vivi's dad!
Sabo would never do something like that!
Of course, I think so too...
[leakers are idiots]
The Revolutionary Army declares war on the Celestial Dragons.
Sabo, the Chief of Staff, assassinates King Cobra of Alabasta.
His daughter, Princess Vivi, has gone missing...
Let's go to Alabasta! Right now!
I mean, King Cobra is already dead... What's the point of going? And Vivi went missing, in Mariejoa!
Then we'll go to Mariejoa!
Eh? Eh? To Mariejoa? You're going there? This is a problem, I can't hear too well!
That's the central headquarters of the enemy, you idiot! You feel like fighting the Navy HQ?
I'll do it! What, are you scared, Zoro?!
I'm saying you're clueless! Cool your head!
Uwah, where are you and how are you feeling, Vivi! Please be safe!
Vivi's dad died?!
Thank you very much.
He was so kind, even to us pirates...
Yeah! You never find a king that great!
I'm worried about Vivi... I'm worried about Viv's heart... I'm worried about Vivi...
The Reverie this time was quite wild.
Didn't you meet that brother of yours in Dressrosa, Luffy?
I haven't heard anything about an evil government in Alabasta...
I can't take it! I'm worried about Vivi, where is she!
Me too! All right, we're going to save her!
Let's go!
Get it together, you guys!
[leakers are idiots]
Ace has his own adventure.
Ace knew the clear risks he was taking when he built his life!

Are you underestimating Vivi? She's a strong woman!
When the time comes to move, any of us will fight! When there's nothing we can do, don't make a scene aboot it!
Grrr! What's your problem if we make a scene!
This guys an oni! Onigashima!
Green Kaidou!
Green Mom!
Shitty Marimo!
Shut up, Number 4.
While we were in Wano country, there were a lot of incidents...
Those have continued to progress even now.
The dissolution of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. As a result of letting that level of pirates loose into the seas... They allowed the formation of the Cross Guild, which gave birth to a new Yonkou, the Genius Jester Buggy!
At least that part has to be a mistake!
Luffy... There are still plenty of names coming out that with relations to you. Want to hear?
Mmm... I'll leave it to you! Tell me about the worst ones!
Understood, I'll do that. I'm sure your head's busy enough.
Sabo's not a criminal!
Right. [leakers are idiots]
I want to see the wide world and write books to tell about it!
Shishishi! Is that so! Okay then, I'll ---
We all swore together... With Ace, three of us!
I will! ---
Hm? What was that now?
Yohoho~ That's too amusing!
Hey... There's no way you can do something like that, right!
[leakers are idiots, but found in the margin of the next page] If I become the Pirate King, maybe I can do it!
Is it normal to think about something like that?
What? Did I never tell that to anyone?
Not at all. I don't mind if you didn't say, but it's impossible anyway!
Then it was just Shanks... And Ace and Sabo.
What about those three?
Guess they laughed! Shanks kind of cried though! Shishishi!

Don't worry. She is hiding inside Caribou. She asked him to help sneak on the Sunny. Once Caribo's barrel will be opened, she will jump out too.