Angel Beats was completely carried by its music

Angel Beats was completely carried by its music.
You don't even remember half the episodes because they didnt have music as good as the other half.

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The Angel Beats OST is above average. I felt like the story and character art was the best part though.

I will always remember operation high tension. Always.

>Angel Beats was completely carried by its music.
Is that why it's entirely forgettable?

Should I watch this?

I can remember the baseball episode like it was yesterday.
Can't remember any of the music that played during it though.

I don't remember a single song from it. Was it not generic J-pop?

i haven't watched it in over 10 years, but i do remember the show quite vivdly

I only remember the OP
Yeah it's only 13 episodes

Yesterday I tried to make Mapo Tofu based on this series. What do you guys think about it.

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I remember most episodes though.


Looks like a Black Clover character just punched the ground.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Too much water - 7.8

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The quality of that tofu itself looks awful, what country?

Nah, I remember that the show was hilarious

Fuck, I remember learning my soul your beats on piano.

Generic seasonal anime

It had music?