*blocks your path*

*blocks your path*

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*enhances every scene she is in*

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*shoves my face in her ass*
*inhales deeply*


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Seconding this.

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Aqua was made to sit on my face

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And piss in my mouth

prepare to get raped

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Well, it looks like you have chosen anal sex.

*slaps her goddess ass and keeps walking*

Konosuba is shit and so is Aqua. Literally the only good character to come out of the shit series is Wiz, and that's like comparing a clean, no-wipe turd to sloppy diarrhea.

*grab both her cheeks*
*spread them roughy*
*begin licking ferociously*
*suck her pussy*
*pull out painfully erect penis*
*jam it in*
*slap her ass*
*pull her hair and thrust hard*
*grab her face and deep tongue kiss her*
*shove her head down*
*pound her doggystyle*
*cum inside*
*keep cumming so hard I eventually dematerialize and get absorbed into her pussy*

I don't get it

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You have to be at least 26 to post here

Is Aqua racist?

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I'm 27, I know Ludacris and I watched FF, I just don't get the meme

I hope so, makes it hotter if she slap my dick around and call me a nigger

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>I know Ludacris and I watched FF, I just don't get the meme
You would have instantly understood the joke if you did.

She looks like she eats Big Macs daily…

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I watched this shit 10+ years ago user, I barely remember what I ate yesterday

if aqua was carbonated and you shook her would she explode

Same but I immediately heard the song in my head when I saw that pic. Read the OP, look at that post, and put 1+1 together.

Imagine getting whipped by Aquasama because you dropped a bottle because she tripped you on purpose

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