"no u" the anime

"no u" the anime

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I remember having fun with this, but I lost interest in keeping up with the story because the twist at the end was retarded.

>"no u" the anime
You posted the wrong one OP

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I don't know what that is supposed to mean but here:

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all of these characters are evil

All i remember from this anime is the flower girl is best girl and the bunny is into bestiality.

the entire show felt made up as it went along, the retarded twist was only the cherry on top

Unexpectedly good the anime.

Honestly, the first volume was kinda shit in retrospect, so it's a shame that they only adapted that part. Volume 2 onward is where it got much better, but since the anime didn't sale well, the novels went on a indefinite hiatus and we will never see a season 2.

Friendly reminder that the anime bombed so hard that the writer quit writing the LN

It was actually very good, didnt expect much when going into it.

Did they? I was sort of curious where this was going. I'm not sure from a popularity standpoint dunking on the popular gun chick so hard was a good move.

Was that really the reason? Since he did write some short stories later expanding on the background of each character. To me it seems like he might have hit a creative dead end. The entire seventh mystery was resolved by volume 6 and one of the demon generals had been defeated, while the other one joined the party which left one more to take care of until they fight the big bad himself. The entire premise of the series was it being a mystery thriller more so than a traditional fantasy adventure. It's what made volumes 2-4 so engaging. Maybe the anime flopping contributed to that hiatus, but I also think the author just became tired of the series and had no idea what do after the mystery aspects was gone.

Behead those who speak ill of Fremy.

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Not to mention that Monster Musume, Prison School, and Overlord were the top selling series that season. Goes to show how japs only care about mindless fanservice and power fantasies.

monster musume is the best ecchi series of all-time though

but the series was shit, and the only reason I even know what happens is because I watched it on twitch when they aired it alongside tanya etc.
the strongest cuck in the world is just retarded and I'm glad the ln died

What a low standard.

You hated the anime that much? Why exactly?

Part 1 is the only good arc

It's not even in the top 20, and it would have been forgotten had there not been a couple of dedicated coomers spamming snek memes everywhere

It's a pity the series bombed hard. Wish it would have been two cours, with how they adapted the first novel into a single cour (one of the few adaptations that has done something like that as far as I remember), at least that way we would have had the second novel adapted (which is probably my favorite one) even if the show flopped.

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