Cyberpunk: Edgyrunners

if i pulled his Sandevistan off would he die?

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what could have been

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Do the Japanese like this anime?

I cried at the last episode. Like a baby.

>mommy gf pussy had me like

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"It would be extremely painful"

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It would be very painful.

>latino dick had me like

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You guys are being dramatic. Lucy will be fine.

>Adam Smasher in an ill-fitting Hard Rock Cafe shirt
This is what they took from you

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This but with David wearing the Oxygen mask in the ambulance.

Yeah; you can just search サイバーパンク or エッジランナーズ on Twitter. A lot of people really Lucy and Rebecca.

he also fucked Michiko Arasaka

Same. I wasn't expecting it to hit me so hard, but god damn.

Sandevistan is overhyped as fuck honestly.
He should have switched to a Berserk OS like a real patrician once he had the Body stat.

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He’s a big guy

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Can’t believe CD Projekt Red wanted to axe Best Girl

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Did look at his face when David suggested they should break up (for her own good since he thought she had made it out of the underworld)?

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stealth plus pistol crit build is the true patrician, it's just like Skyrim's stealth archer

her face*

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For Lucy

>tfw no David cock

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It is your civic duty to ridicule anyone who thinks the last scene of the show was Lucy committing suicide. The common cope from this crowd is
>but in the BD she said the heat of the sun would scorch you!
Nevermind the fact that she said that in the BD because she and David weren’t wearing any protection.