With from Mercury

This is going to be the best gundam series in over a decade isn't it? In fact, I'll call it, this is going to be the best AU ever

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>female mc
Gurl powuh. Hope she gets raped.

>It's going to be better than IBO and Age
That's quite possibly one of the lowest bars any anime has ever needed to surpass.

>this is going to be the best AU ever
Not exactly a hard thing to do when the current strongest AU is After Colony.

That being said, I am feeling optimistic with G-Witch.

>feeling optimistic about anything
How many times are we gonna have to teach you this lesson old man

The prologue is great. I would've been fine if it ended right then and there to be honest.

After so many years, you learn to believe in the small rays of hope. Even if that hope is a tanuki girl and her little Gundam sister.

Isn't the director/story writer popular for having strong start and meh everything else?

her family horded and monopolized all the super weapons they had it coming


He's popular for making stories with rape in them.

Guess Is gonna get their wish

Has Any Forums always been this keen to declare upcoming things the best ever or is this just a new thing? I feel like I see it so frequently nowadays. Hey, that show that's not out yet? It's gonna be the best, and it'll totally BTFO your show! It's like horse betting.

>best gundam series in over a decade
that's g-reco though

The screenwriter did Shigofumi which was stronger than the LN it adapted.

The first episode came out. If you ask me it doesn't seem very special, but it'll certainly be better than the previous AU Gundam disaster.

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Your new is showing. People have been doing it for a long time. Off the top of my head, people did it with Madoka Magica, Fate/Zero, Valvrave, Guilty Crown, Penguindrum, Darling in the FranXX, Star Driver, Nichijou, Fractale, and Redline. That's just off the top of my head

It's too bad the threads will probably be Gridman all over again


>Seems to have heavy pandering with the other girl
>Possible female char
Nah. They went too heavy with the female cast since all the dudes are likely going to end up in the background.

So will this be the new shitposting containment anime after LycoReco is done?

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