Dragon Ball Super

Is there any possible way to refute this?

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Pan is Spopovich's daughter.

Nope. It's air tight.

>Says this while posting a subbed screenshot of a line that was censored in the dub.

>Faulconer's score is more atmospheric

What the fuck is that negro talking about?
Faulconer frequently ruins the atmosphere, dude couldn't leave any scene in silence, its like Americans had shitty attention spans and they needed constant background music and talking,
I mean, American DBZ is the only one with Gohan having a cringey speech before going SSJ2
I admit Vegeta scenes and Super Saiyan 3 scenes are better in the english dub, its the only hype themes Faulconer got right.

Aniways, watch the superior version (superior than the Japanese even)

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I never understood why burgers made up original music for their dubs.

>Screencapping his own post


I don't really know either. If I had to guess i'd say money, it's at the source of most problems here. Maybe it was cheaper to hire a new composer for an original score than it was to license the music.

bruce faulconer's soundtrack is so good. It's like classical music mixed with rock music, I cant even DEFINE the style.

if they were redoing the voices, wouldnt they have to redo the background sounds too? Especially before computers were really a thing...

DBZ came to the USA in 2000s, user.

I don't know, even here in Mexico we got the japanese ost for Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball is American property. NO ONE else's.

My capsule corp shirt came in today bros

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Your average manga-reader.

>You asked for my favourite arc.
>Take a guess.

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What the retard doesn't realize is that he just exposed himself as a fatty.

>muh retard speak
>no argument whatsoever
What's there to refute?

top left and top right.

'ru filename though

Why do so many fear THIS?

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