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>But that aside…

>“Say ‘ah’, Aradia.”


>Aradia’s shoulders noticeably jumped and her face grew red, either from anger or something else.

>“Y-you must be joking. I am Transcendent Aradia. I will not accept your condescending charity even if I did lose to you.”

>“(Hey, you’re free to refuse, but if you keep shaking your head, a miracle could occur and that hot chicken will end up somewhere other than your mouth. Just like with that briefs guy’s expert comedy act on the TV there.)”

>“O-okay, fine!!”

>Othinus’s whispered voice switched on Aradia’s desperation mode. She shut her eyes in frustration and opened her trembling lips.

>Kamijou wanted to know why this mystery woman looked somewhat embarrassed about nothing more than being fed some meat.

>He tilted his head as he resumed feeding her the chicken sukiyaki.

>She ate it.

>She was suddenly much more obedient. It was cute.
Holy shit Aradia is getting the full maiden treatment

Aradia a cute!

>forced handholding for xx hours
>gets mindbroken into liking it
truly transcendent fetish

So basically nothing crazy has happened yet.

Nothing crazy has happened since ww3. Why does it matter.

As long as there’s cute girls and romance I guess it doesn’t matter. Ohh wait. No romance. I forgot. Just new girls being introduced every volume.

>just caught up with Index after not reading for a year
>Literal forced hand holding

>Nothing crazy has happened since ww3
The fucking state of “nothing happens” fags to actually claim this, Jesus Christ. I’m sure you’ll say none of it counts because you don’t like it

Touma got mouthraped by an old man's sock; this is an act of vengeance to everything vanilla in the universe

Extreme degeneracy

Does anyone have the illustrations for the novel? It’s not on BT

not just any forced hand holding mind you
>interlocking fingers

>“Really? You’re sure it isn’t that your plans to head home during the holiday weren’t ruined by spending time in the hospital with me?”

>“Gh. My planning ability is not as poor as yours, so I did not wait until the last second to make my plans. I chose to remain in Academy City because my clique wanted me to.”

so i guess Mikoto isn't aware that Misaki is a child error and presumably doesn't have a family?

Mikoto is very dumb

What drives a man to such villainy?

He got forcibly bathed by the clone quad squad too.

she saw Whosaki live and though Touma was giving cow a compliment.
Kong’s IQ is in single digits

Starting to think user is right in claiming that this is MP

sasuga denki kong

I thought that was Sailor Aluminum Siren from the thumbnail

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>It was time to face the biggest problem: bath time.
Oh boy

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she almost killed him once but I'd say this is the result of a long history of malnourishment, mental & physical abuse

He either inspired by sailor moon or FGO. Most likely he just take inspirations from FGO since he tends to like designs from there.

>“If we do remove them, then I’ll have to suppress your power with Imagine Breaker. Which means you would have to take your bath with me holding your hand throughout.”

>“You expect me to share that tiny bathroom with a stranger?”

>Othinus was grinning her face off for some reason.

>“Close the shower curtain to hide the tub and you’ll be fine. Barring any freak accidents with lewd results, of course.”

>“Don’t you dare jinx me like that! Oh, no! I can just imagine the horrific fate that awaits me 10 minutes from now!!”

What the FUCK is Othinus’s endgame?

Othinus seems oddly ok with Aradia getting ecchi points with Touma

>so i guess Mikoto isn't aware that Misaki is a child error and presumably doesn't have a family?
why would she


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well Othinus is used to sharing a bathroom with Touma since both of them sleep there
>Othinus’s endgame?
outcuckqueening Aleister. It's obvious that Anna's kiss triggered her fetish

To sexually bully maidens for her own perverse entertainment, of course

>implying anyone would ever think that a snowflake repeated memory loss even happens

>he put her in the fucking closet
Touma learning cooking from Good, Old Mary when?

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Anna was the coolest

Brut will she be able to outcuck Mikoto?

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