Just got my capsule corp shirt in brehs

Just got my capsule corp shirt in brehs

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absolute unit

looking good

skinniest dbspic

You should hit the gym tho, gotta sport Trunk's jacket next right?

Looking sharp.

Whitest man in America.

Get fatter don't be sad be proud and eat more good food be happy user.

handsome fella

you could have watched anitore and fixed this

I fucking hate shounen niggers so much.



See here, the shounenspic in his natural habitat

OP is a Bejita bro btw

get that stick out of your pussy

>average dbzfaggot poster.
No surprise.


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Only if you get that burger out of your mouth.

This isn't reddit you fucking disgusting faggot OP
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>poop skin
End your life.

>this is the type of guy who throws insults like "faggot" at you

I don't think I've ever seen anyone upset at being called a faggot on Any Forums

looking good bro

Capsule Corp is there to make things smaller not super sized

I don't look like OP and I still think you're a faggot.

Did you eat the capsule that came with the shirt and opened in your stomach?

That is actually exactly what happened

Are you the capsule? You're definitely the right shape, you fat fuck.

Imagine caressing that chubby belly...

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This pic made me laugh a lot harder than it should have.

What the hell is that twee stance

read this in Vegeta's sarcastic voice

I like the design