Is it worth a watch?
When does it become shit if so?

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the only bad seasons are gen 5 and 7

Only the first 2 gens are good
This applies to games too

dumb boomer

Watch it and find out.

Sun and Moon is the best season though.

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>Is it worth a watch?
not if you're old enough to post here.

>worth a watch
Put it in the background while you do something. The Gym Battle arcs, rival episodes and League arcs are worth it but the main TeamRocket members (Jessie James and Meowth) kill the momentum a LOT, the elite Rocket episodes are cool though.
Watch all the movies first, the 5th movie - Pokemon Heroes is peak ashnime, the only time it didn't feel like a nauseous commercial and more like an actual piece of art.
The May x Drew (Contestshipping) romantic subplot is the only time the ashnime did romance but somehow it still mogs all actual romance animes.
Gen1, Gen4 and Gen6 are awesome.

The ashnime goes to shit after Gen6 ends, the SM seasons and PM2019 are NOT worth watching, drop it on Sun and Moon. Stick to the Yajimaverse AU movies from then on.
Watch all the spinoffs and specials. Like Pokemon Origins, Pokemon Generations, Pokemon Evolutions, Pokemon Chronicles.

After you run out of that, you should definitely READ the Pokemon "Festival of Champions" manga.

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People post about shit like Precure and the newer Yu-Gi-Oh! series here that are all for little kids so I don't see why the Pokemon anime is some forbidden subject.

the girls cannot save how bad that season was

First few gens are good.

I grew up watching Pokémon but man staying up late on a school night watching adult swim, falling asleep with the TV on just to wake up to Pokémon as my alarm clock as a kid really made me hate the show. I know I'm not the only one here that has this same experience and verdict.

Here's some bonus content to start your journey


It wasn't bad though? It was really fun and for once actually had a setting that made the filler content (which is 90% of every season) actually feel natural instead of shit just interrupting the journey. You personally not liking something doesn't make it bad, you know.

why do you assume I don't have the same opinion of those shows?

The first and lasts seasons are the best oddly enough. season 1-2, 7-8 are very fun in their own ways

>It wasn't bad though?
thanks for asking. yes it was.


The artstyle makes it objectively bad, dull and uneventful. There's even a meme on Any Forums that fans of the Sun and Moon season are known as "SMtrannies" due to their dilation

>There's even a meme on Any Forums that fans of the Sun and Moon season are known as "SMtrannies" due to their dilation
Hopefully it stays there then because that's a pretty bad meme.

The first episode is great. Everything after that is shit.

Seriously, just go watch all the new animation shorts they've been doing lately. They're all much better.


>the first episode was the only one i watched out of thousands

....no? I watched through the first three gens as a kid. Even as a child with low quality standards, this was obvious. It's a bad show, which is excusable for, at most, the first gen through indigo. After that you reach the point where Ash should have been sidelined/retired, because constantly resetting him is idiotic. By gen 3 they'd fully lost any soul left. I've seen some of the newer seasons here and there when people insist there's good shit. Some of it looks watchable, if very silly, but not enough for me to want to dig through the shit to get it out.

>i watched three gens and only the first episode was good
nigga what?

Correct. The pilot episode is very promising. After that it settles into braindead toy commercial shit.


Huge spoiler video

most of the movies are much better than the first episode