What anime are you watching currently and what do you think of it?

What anime are you watching currently and what do you think of it?

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Azumanga Daioh is cute. CUTE

I'm trying to download Joshikousei but it keeps stalling. I'll let you know when I find out if it's good.

Made in Abyss. Yes it's very good.

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i'm watching gurren lagann for the first time. very good so far, I completely understand why it's a must watch

Took you long enough.

Buckle up.

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Currently watching AssPride and it's...good. Chose it because age gap tag.

None. I dont think anything.

better late than never. I will probably give ergo proxy a try next

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Ika Musume, pretty good.

Now watch the duwang version.

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Seasonal anime? Yofukashi no Uta. I like it a lot, I love the manga. Probably my favorite by far.
And I'm re-watching Amagi Brilliant Park, I missed Lafitah-sama so much.

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Earth best girl.

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Girls und Panzer, TV anime specifically. It's a rewatch and it's so much better than I remembered. Reading the spin off manga makes me a bit sad about the state of the films. They're cool spectacles but they shy away from giving the characters more to do besides their quirk. The TV show and the manga aren't exactly masterpieces but they have their fair share of touching moments and decent characterization and the films just don't bother trying to do that.

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Little baby ghost and wage slave lady.
Its ok, VERY cute.

Futari wa Precure, ngl its pretty boring most of the time but it has an unique charm that keeps me watching it(at least one episode a week)

I am a little over halfway through Heavy Metal L-Gaim. It's fantastic so far, I very highly recommend it. Great story and characters, very funny and excellent animation. I also watched the first episode of Lodoss 1990 today. Thought it was good, an animated DnD campaign, exactly as advertised. High quality detailed drawings. Recently I also finished the second 3x3 Eyes series. While the character designs were no where near as good as in the first, it still told a great story and had a ton of good moments. Megumi Hayashibara as Pai/Sanjiyan was amazing.

Shadowverse Flame. After the abysmal first season, I'm really surprised this one is so enjoyable. The card games are much better explained, paced, and mechanically interesting, and the decision to focus almost entirely on character motivation and development (so far) is paying dividends especially in light of S1's full-retard plot and cardboard cutout characters
I expected nothing, but by the third episode I couldn't put it down until I had caught up.

Hibike! Euphonium, its been good so far. still on season 1

it good

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don't, it's pretentious shit
and doesn't understand its own subject matter, lmao
only midwits think it's deep