Name a more iconic couple. I'll wait

Name a more iconic couple. I'll wait.

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Step aside.

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I think I’ll watch this again tonight. I didn’t like S2 too much.

What do I win?

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Did you Stream it? They removed the last 3 episodes from Crunchyroll

he said ICONIC

Yuki was a better pick for him

t. yukifags

t. the VN

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I love these two so much

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I love Last Episode and I don't care what anyone says

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was gonna post this

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duh, the canon one

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Dumb and desperate Sakurafag

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>t. sabercuck passing as rhinofag

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>not rotating between all four of them for maximum shitposting

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>Name a more reddit couple

Tell me you're a newfag trying way too hard to look like an oldfag without telling me.

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