Who besides Sukuna can actually oppose Yuta in a 1v1?

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Fuck is you lookin at white boy

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these two and kenny

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>secret form hinted at ages ago
>jobs offscreen in its debut
That's gotta be some kind of record.

Anyone can beat Yuta in a 1v1 because he's useless without Rika.

Literally no one can beat Yuta "the Repo Man" Okkotsu
lmao, what a joke. Did you think that they'd both be fighting him at the same time and that Rika wouldn't be allowed or something?

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There's a chapter this week, right?


Ah shit, thanks user.

>Rika wouldn't be allowed
I feel like that's implied by calling it a 1v1.

"Rika" is his power.

The thing is... Rika is just a technique now. There's no soul or anything attached to "her." It'd be like making junpei fight without his jellyboi.

Sister jobbed on screen tho...

This is like saying Geto can't use his curses in a 1v1. So dumb.

Alright, I finally want to get into Jujutsu. Is the anime a good place to start, or should I just read the manga?

Read the manga. Then watch the anime

Gotcha. I heard that it has a cool power system like Jojo or HxH, yeah?

Holy shit I hate english translations so much

1. Manga has way better choreography and less fujo bait. Definitely a better experience, artistically, as well.
2. Every single manga translation has been beyond cursed in terms of quality all the way through, except the recent attempts by people here on Any Forums. Expect to be confused, as terminology is inconsistent across all attempts, and there are lots of big translation mistakes in the earlier chapters that cause a lot of confusion throughout. It's unironically the reason that I came back to Any Forums after years away - even as an English only reader, I KNEW just from basic reading comprehension that something wasn't right. There's a good Tumblr called "Nanami says" that's devoted to correcting mistranslations, but they stopped updating, and that's how I ended up here - the only other place that had translation corrections. Now I'm back in the pit that is Any Forums, whoops.
3. If you plan to read it, definitely read volume zero first. It was a volume-long special published by jump which, when the author couldn't decide on what to do for an actual weekly series, got expanded into the series as it stands today. It's canon, it's pretty good, and it makes some of the twists and buildup later 10x better.
4. I sincerely hope you read and enjoy it, despite the issues listed above. Threads are a mess, though.