Gochuumon wa Big Mac® Desu ka?

Fine dining with Scarpo

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There has never been a US route 715.

I paid for sxaqrts lunch today.

Next you're gonna tell me that the Gochis aren't real

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Good it feels good being American.

Theres a burger place I love to eat at in my town that has kino roadtrip decorations all over the walls exactly like in OP's pic.

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I don't like those roadtrip signs because they remind me of a dead era we'll never get back, and how we're just continuing on our further decent into hell.

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Nade nade
Shiko shiko

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I love my wife

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god, i love Syrup.

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7/15 is her birthday

my cute wife

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goddamn, i just want to fuck the shit out of Sxarp's tight pussy, i want to cum deep into her virgin womb and impregnate and start a family with her.

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