Hunter x Hunter

>based Hiei's design on Scunky from Patalliro!
>cited Mineo Maya as an influence in the Jump Ryu interviews (the same DVD where he called Toriyama a god)
>wanted to make a sports manga with a homosexual crossdresser as the MC
Togashi is a fudanshi, isn't he...

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Yes, he's going to make Leorio and Kurapika get gay married in the final arc.

Hunter x Hunter only had one good arc anyway so i'm not surprised

I don't know what that means, but Togashi is gay.
He has back pain because he doesn't want to have sex with his wife but she violently mounts him by force.

a fudanshi is the male equivalent of a fujoshi

New chapters when? Will we get any before EOY?

Most people seem to agree that we'll get an announcement next month during the Togashi art exhibition

Probably, though it's not like shonen jump itself isn't trying to appeal to the fujoshi market, I feel like Black Clover is the only story where the MC actually feels straight.

I wonder if someone else agrees that even if Togashi made Gon fuck Killua or Leorio fuck Kurapika, they still would look less gay than Midoriya.

What if it's a gay exibithion and it's only drawing of cocks?

Gon and Killua could literally have effeminate gay buttsex on screen and they'd still be less of a faggot than Deku

>most people think Togashi is going to make a deadline

There will be official Gon x Killua merch

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Seem like the update threads dried up, there tell be a while before we get any chapter though so I guess that’s how it’s gonna be.

Pick one:

A. Togashi finishes HXH without having to rush or ditch implied important plot points

B. The story never finishes. How far do you think we get?

C. The story finishes, but it is rushed or certain plot points/arcs have been ditched out

I think Togashi finishes, but I know fans have been jaded

more like confirm that Hisoka and Illumi are unironically married this arc

wtf is taking so long doesn't he have like 10 chapters locked and loaded.

Yes. Reminder:
>Togashi wanted to publish Trouble Quartet, a sports shōnen about a crossdressing gay boy, but Shueisha shut him down.
>He instead wrote Yu Yu Hakusho.
>Afterward, he was able to negotiate a contract with Shueisha where he would get full ownership over Hunter x Hunter, thus allowing him to do whatever he wanted (explaining his erratic schedule that would get any other author fired).
>Now with unlimited power, Togashi plans on getting revenge on Shueisha for canning Trouble Quartet all those years ago by making Killua gay and they can’t stop him.
>In chapter 166 (episode 70), Gon says Killua has to be one holding the ball. More literally, he says "ja nakya dame nan da," a common saying in Japan that can also mean "I love you." Now, I'm not saying Gon is confessing to Killua, but one has to wonder why exactly Togashi used this specific set of words, knowing it had such a double-meaning?
>In chapter 286 (episode 121), Killua says he and Gon will commit “shinjū,” a term connotated with lovers dying together.
>In chapter 323 (chapter 139), even Hisoka says Killua's most "beloved" is Gon.
>Togashi has an interest in the “weird,” as seen with Hisoka and Alluka.
>Yu Yu Hakusho has a gay couple: Sensui and Itsuki, showing Togashi’s willingness to include gay relationships in his stories.
>Everything Togashi does is on purpose. To claim he does not know how fans would interpret scenes like “Gon is light” is to imply he’s ignorant; to claim this is all bait is to call him a hack who has to resort to pandering.
>Killua’s birthday is on Tanabata, a Japanese holiday celebrating a princess who ran away from home to be with a boy. Sound familiar? It’s no mere coincidence that Togashi would choose that date.
And the main reason:
>Togashi is a mad man.

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I always felt the relationship between battle Shonen MCs always had shounen-ai subtleties. I’m just interested how much of those mangaka

1. Intend to add that subtlety

2. Or if not, notice how it comes off

The final arc will be Killua and Gon getting married and it will solidify HxH as the greatest BL story ever told

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Not proving him wrong though

I'm sure some like Togashi do, others just don't understand how to properly write friendship without making the characters look like faggots, all you need is to look at Fujujutsu kaisen Covers and you know exactly what demographic they are going for, meanwhile MHA's author made Deku such a pussy protagonist trying to suck the cock of his bully on every opportunity possible that no matter how much he tries to ship the character with the girl that control gravity, when a story is badly writen people instinctively fill the holes with whatever makes more sense and there is no reasonable explanation but faggotry for Deku's behaviour.

I'm also sure there are cases where the series get popular with some demographics like fujos and the editor tells the author he has to pander to them now because it's the way to keep the series going and the irony is that I bet you most of the authors enjoy this dynamic of having a hidden implicit sexuality in their works regardless of what gender the characters' are, don't trick yourself thinking that every single author isn't deep down a pervert who in his mind makes every single one of his characters go for everything that would make his fanbase turn against him.

He had 1 arc that is a masterpiece, one of the best arcs of all-time. The rest of the arcs aren't that bad though